Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays

 Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays


Predators was released on DVD on October 19, 2010 in the US and November 1, 2010 in the UK. The US DVD came with quite a lot of extras compared to the UK equivalent. The first UK Predators DVD came out in 2010 with only the ‘Crucified’ motion comic. It was then released again in 2012 with the audio commentary, ‘Decloaking The Invisible’ featurette and ‘Crucified’ motion comic. Despite the back of the box listing the ‘Evolution of the Species’ featurette, it was not on the disc. The US release had the UK extras but it had a few more motion comics on there.


The Blu-Ray version was released at the same time as the DVD. The UK release came with an extra disc containing a DVD version of the movie whereas the US release had a digital copy. The extras were the same across both regions and included a couple of new featurettes and a few deleted scenes that weren’t on the DVD.

4K Blu-Ray

In August 2018, 20th Century Fox released the Predator trilogy on 4K Blu-Ray for the first time. The 4K version of Predators cannot currently be bought on its own and must be bought as part of the Predator Trilogy 4K Set or the Predator 4-Movie 4K Set. The 4K disc in there includes the commentary track but the sets also include the regular Blu-Ray with all the previous special features.

UK Covers

Predators [DVD] [UK] (2010)
Predators [Blu-Ray] [UK] (2010)
Predators [DVD] [UK] (2012)

US Covers

Predators [DVD] [US] (2010)
Predators [Blu-Ray] [US] (2010)

Boxset Covers

After Predators was released, there were a few Blu-Ray boxsets including all three Predator films. When the movies moved to 4K in 2018, you could also find the movie as part of a Predator 3-Movie or Predator 4-Movie 4K collections.

Predator Trilogy [Blu-Ray] [UK] (2013)
Predator / Predator 2 / Predators...
Predator Triple Feature [Blu-Ray] [US]...
Predator 3-Movie Collection Steelbook...
Predator Trilogy [4K Blu-Ray] [US/UK]...
Predator 4-Movie Collection [4K...

Special Features

Predators (US) (2010 DVD) (click to show/hide)
Predators (UK) (2010 DVD) (click to show/hide)
Predators (UK) (2012 DVD) (click to show/hide)


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