Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays

Predators Blu-Ray [UK] (2010) Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays

Predators Blu-Ray [UK] (2010)

Predators Blu-Ray [US] (2010) Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays

Predators Blu-Ray [US] (2010)

Predator Trilogy [UK] (2013) Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays

Predator Trilogy [UK] (2013)

Predator Triple Feature [US] (2014) Predators DVDs & Blu-Rays

Predator Triple Feature [US] (2014)

Predator was released on DVD and Blu-Ray October 19, 2010 in the US and November 1, 2010 in the UK. The Blu-Ray version also comes with an extra disc containing a DVD version or a digital copy of the movie. Predators can also be found as part of many Predator and AvP boxsets.

Special Features

Audio commentary with producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal
Motion Comics:
– “Moments of Extraction” (Play All)
— Isabelle
— Cuchillo
— Hanzo
— Mombasa
– “Crucified”
“Evolution of the Species: Predators Reborn” featurettes (Play All):
– “Bloodline”
– “Decloaking the Invisible: Alien Terrain”
– “Intelligent Design: The Hunting Camp”
– “Predators as Prey”
– “Yautja Transformed”
– “Rite of Passage”
“The Chosen” featurette
“Fox Movie Channel Presents Making a Scene” featurette
Deleted and Extended Scenes (Play All):
– Dead Man’s Parachute
– Cuchillo and Isabelle
– Team “Orientated” Group
– Third Most Wanted
– Cuchillo Unleashes
– “Why Are You Here?”
– “They’re Smarter Than That”
– Stans and Isabelle Naked
– “They’re Still Coming”
Theatrical Trailer







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