Predator 2 Special Edition

Posted by Darkness on April 24, 2010 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

 Predator 2 Special EditionThe Predator 2 Special Edition is a two-disc set that was originally released in the UK in April 2005. It was released four months earlier in the  US in January 2005 under the title Predator 2: Collector’s Edition. It’s been re-released quite a few times, most recently as Predator 2: Definitive Edition in September 2007 which just features different cover artwork.

Special Features

* The Film
Audio commentary with director Stephen Hopkins.
Audio commentary with writers Jim Thomas and John Thomas.

“The Hunter and The Hunted” – featurette (35.40)
Evolutions: Optical Effects – featurettes (Audio commentary by visual effects supervisor Joel Hynek)
– Something On The Roof (1.55)
– Enemy In The Alley (3.05)
– Subway Showdown (1.05)
Weapons of Choice:
– Gauntlet Knives (1.05)
– Self-Destruct (0.48)
– Plasma Cannon (1.00)
– Net Launcher (1.00)
– Smart Weapon (1.57)
– Telescoping Spear (0.58)
Promotional Gallery: – featurettes
– The Predator Goes To Town (3.04)
– Making Of International (5.42)
– Creating The Ultimate Hunter (3.41)
Hard Core Segments:
– Hard Core Special Report: City At War (3.18)
– Hard Core From Penthouse To Slaughterhouse: A Special Report (3.47)
Still Gallery (57 images)

Region Comparison

The Region 1 set has quite a few additions that are missing from the Region 2 version. Firstly, it has Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots sections. There’s a new featurette in the Evolutions: Optical Effects which is about the main title. Lastly, there’s an Introduction featurette in the Weapons of Choice section.

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