AvP Requiem: Ultimate Combat Edition

Posted by Darkness on April 25, 2010 (Updated: 05-Apr-2016)

 AvP Requiem: Ultimate Combat EditionAvP Requiem was first released in May 2008 in two versions. A regular one-disc version and two-disc set under the title: ‘AvP2: Ultimate Combat Edition’. Both sets contain an Unrated version which has about 7 minutes of added footage. (See AvP Requiem Theatrical vs Unrated for more info).

Special Features

*The Film
Audio commentary by director/visual effects supervisor duo The Brothers Strause (Colin and Greg Strause) and producer John Davis
Audio commentary by creature effects designers/special effects supervisors Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.

– AVP-R – Preparing For War: Development & Production
– AVP-R – Fight To The Finish: Post-Production
– AVP-R – The Nightmare Returns: Creating The Aliens
– AVP-R – Crossbreed: Creating The Predalien
– AVP-R – Building The Predator Homeworld
– AVP-R – Primitive Design: Creating the Predator
– AVP-R – The Science Of The Xenomorph
– AVP-R – The Science Of The Hunter
Photo galleries:
– Designing The Predator
– Designing The Alien
– Designing The Predalien
– On Set – The Rooftop
– On Set – The Sewer
– On Set – The Hive
– On Set – Cast & Crew

Region Comparison

The Region 2 version has three additional featurettes that are missing from the Region 1 version. These are: ‘AVP-R – Primitive Design: Creating the Predator’, ‘AVP-R – The Science Of The Xenomorph” and AVP-R – The Science Of The Hunter’. The Region 1 set does have a Theatrical Trailers section as well as bonus trailers for other movies. It also has a DTS sound track which the UK version lacks. There’s also an optional ‘Added Footage Marker’ on the R1 which tells you what footage is new when you watch the movie.

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