AvP Monster Box

 AvP Monster Box20th Century Fox in Japan released this huge Alien / Predator set in April 2005 called Alien VS Predator: Special Monster Box – a strictly limited edition set that contains every Alien and Predator film in their director’s cut/ultimate edition. The SRP is ¥29800 (approx $284.87) and there is only 7000 of these units worldwide.


  • Alien vs Predator (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • Alien (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • Aliens (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • Alien 3 (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • Alien Resurrection (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • Predator (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • Predator 2 (2-Disc Ultimate Edition)
  • 15 original art replicas
  • A special frame with a unique serial number
  • Cut-down version of 4 posters (including press releases)
  • AVP archives booklet
  • One of two collector’s cups with either an Alien or Predator figure


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