Alien Trilogy Facehugger Box Set

 Alien Trilogy Facehugger Box SetThe Alien Trilogy Facehugger Box Set was a limited edition 4-cassette VHS boxset that was released in the UK in 1993. This was the first time a collection was released on home media for the Alien franchise. The set compromised of Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 as well as bonus features and other merchandise.

The three films were digitally remastered in widescreen – the set contains the theatrical versions of Alien and Alien 3 and the Special Edition of Aliens and extra bonus footage was included at the end of each film. The fourth cassette in the set contains The Making of Alien 3 documentary. This documentary was made for the Alien/Aliens Triple Pack set released in America previously and had a very limited release in the UK as a giveaway. The Making Of featurette then appeared on the Alien Legacy set and the Alien Anthology.

The merchandise in the Facehugger set includes a 32-page booklet written by written by Dave Hughes, Michael Matessino and David C. Fein about how the three Alien films were developed. There’s also a piece from James Cameron detailing the differences between the Theatrical and Special Edition versions of Aliens. You can also find lots of still images from the films.

Also included in the set is a T-Shirt, three button badges and lobby cards. Finally, there’s an Alien War privilege card which allowed 2-for-1 entry into Alien War which had just opened in London at the time. All the cassettes and merchandise is housed in a black plastic case that has a Facehugger sculpted on the front of it.

It was rumoured that 20th Century Fox spent upwards of £100,000 on creating this boxset. It was released in the UK on November 22, 1993 for £69.99 and was limited to between 10,000 and 20,000 units. The set was exclusive to the UK but a basic three-cassette set was released in the US without the extra cassette, merchandise and Facehugger shell.

 Alien Trilogy Facehugger Box SetContents (UK Release)

Cassette 1: Alien

  • Alien
  • Advanced and theatrical trailers
  • Interview with Ridley Scott
  • Deleted scenes

Cassette 2: Aliens Special Edition

  • Aliens Special Edition
  • Advanced and theatrical trailers
  • Interview with James Cameron

Cassette 3: Alien3

  • Alien3
  • Advanced and theatrical trailers

Cassette 4: The Making of Alien3

  • The Making of Alien3

Other content

  • Alien Trilogy booklet
  • Alien War Privilege Card
  • 3 button badges
  • 12 lobby cards
  • Numbered collector’s certificate
  • Alien Trilogy T-shirt


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