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alienanthology Alien Anthology Alien Anthology 4-Disc Set Alien Anthology

The Alien Anthology is the definitive collection of all four Alien films on Blu-Ray. It was first released in the UK ( and the US ( on October 2010. It’s a six-disc set which includes all the features from the Alien Quadrilogy boxset as well as additional new features. The films became available as standalone releases in January 2011. A cheaper 4-disc version of the Alien Anthology was released in the UK ( in January 2012 and it lacked the two bonus discs of the original release.


Alien Anthology Limited Edition Alien Egg

The Alien Anthology was also released as a limited edition Alien Egg as well as the regular boxed sets. It can still be found on for £75 though it’s harder to get a hold of in the US.

Alien Anthology Limited Edition Egg Sculpture Alien Anthology

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