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NECA Unveils Assassin (Upgrade) Predator Figure!

The Predator’s Upgrade Predator is receiving the action figure treatment thanks to NECA. Going under the title of Assassin Predator, NECA announced the details of their latest The Predator figure yesterday just in time for #Prednesday! From the new Predator movie directed by Shane Black! The Assassin Predator is in pursuit of the Fugitive Predator… And due to ... [Read More]

NECA’s Officially Announces Aliens Series 14 (Alien: Resurrection) & Alien 3 Creature Pack!

They’ve been teasing the Alien: Resurrection series for some time and now it’s official, Series 14 is all about Ripley 8 and those cloned Aliens! Ellen Ripley Clone 8 stands approximately 7” tall, has over 25 points of articulation and features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver. She wears the clone’s futuristic ensemble and comes with Draco Double Burner ... [Read More]

Sideshow Collectibles Announces New Alien Mythos Bust!

High-end collectible producer Sideshow has just announced a new “Legendary-Scale” Xenomorph bust, and an image of the piece has surfaced online! They offered a tease in their announcement: “Sideshow’s Alien Mythos Legendary Scale™ Bust is coming next in our line-up of Alien collectibles! Sign-up on the RSVP list today and you’ll receive future updates on this Xenomorph! Plus, be sure to pick-up ... [Read More]

J.W Rinzler’s Comprehensive “The Making of Alien” Announced!

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Alien and to help celebrate 40 years of Alien, Titan Books is going to be publishing a new Making Of book! Announced via it’s writer J.W Rinzler on Twitter, it is being described as a massively comprehensive look at the making of the original masterpiece! Comprehensive and definitive volume telling the complete ... [Read More]

Updated: New Coolprops Collectibles Shown at Tokyo Comic Con

Tokyo Comic Con happened this weekend, and high-end collectible company CoolProps had some upcoming Alien and Predator products prominently on display. Unveiled was a new life-size bust of a female Predator “Shiranui,” which seems to be a companion piece to the “Kagero” Predator which was shown last year. These two pieces are by renowned Japanese sculptor and make-up artist Akihito Ikeda. ... [Read More]

Preview of The Predator Behind-the-Scenes Feature Predator Evolution

For those of you in the United States, The Predator hit the digital store fronts and is now available! The digital version of The Predator also comes with some features including delete scenes and some behind-the-scenes features. Bleeding Cool has posted a short minute and a bit long snippet from the larger 20 minute long feature called Predator ... [Read More]
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