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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Gameplay – “Explosions!” Challenge Card Showcase

We have an additional clip of Aliens: Fireteam Elite gameplay to show off from our recent experience with a preview build of the game! In this footage we tried out one of the challenge cards: “Explosions!” Which is a gameplay mutator that changes all of the Runner Xenomorphs into weaker Bursters. With this many Bursters running around it was a ... [Read More]

Updated: Pathogen Enemies Featured in Aliens: Fireteam Elite!

Shared to social media by Cold Iron today, we have our first good look at some of the Pathogen (or ‘Black Goo’) based enemies we’ll be facing when Aliens: Fireteam Elite releases next month! Meet the ‘Popper’ and the ‘Stalker.’ Their ghostly white appearance definitely give us some Neomorph vibes! From Cold Iron: “Pathogen enemies will quickly ... [Read More]

AvP Galaxy Gets Hands-On With Preview Of Aliens: Fireteam Elite With 15 Minutes of Gameplay!

We’ve got just about a month to go until the release of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the new co-op survival shooter by Cold Iron Studios. After only hearing rumors about the game since development was announced in January of 2018, the game was finally revealed to us in March of 2021 as Aliens: Fireteam. Now with the recent slight name change ... [Read More]

No Cross-Play for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, But Cross-Gen Play & Free Generational Upgrades!

It’s a common question I’ve seen asked about Cold Iron Studio’s upcoming Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Will it support cross-play? Gamespot has given us a definitive answer to that question, having confirmed with Cold Iron Studios that the answer to that question is no. When asked, Cold Iron Studios CEO Craig Zinkievich told GameSpot that “there is currently ... [Read More]

Updated: It’s Official! Aliens: Fireteam Elite Releases August 24th, New Trailer & Pre-Order Incentive

Following on from the Best Buy news this morning, a new trailer for Cold Iron Studio’s new game has confirmed the change in title and the August 24th release date. In addition to the confirmation, we also get a look at a new enemy type and an Engineer’s Pilot Chamber! We’ve also got the announcement of the ... [Read More]

New Aliens: Fireteam GameSpot Interview Shows Off Engineer Ruins!

After a bit of silence following the month-long coverage from IGN back in March, we have a new look Aliens: Fireteam gameplay featured in a GameSpot interview with the game’s developers. Coming on the heels of the E3 gaming expo (which has gone virtual this year), GameSpot continued their ‘Play For All’ livestream where Cold Iron Studios ... [Read More]

How Aliens: Fireteam Fits Into The Alien Universe

In IGN’s latest article covering Cold Iron Studio’s upcoming Aliens: Fireteam, they’re talking to Cold Iron’s head of studio Craig Zinkievich,  creative director Matt Highison and narrative designer Christ L’Etoile about Fireteam’s story and its additions to lore. “Aliens: Fireteam is a cooperative shooter, but it’s here to tell a new story too, and there’s a cohesive ... [Read More]
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