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AvP Requiem Downloads

Below you’ll find many AvP Requiem downloads including trailers, video clips, TV Spots and featurettes.


AvP Requiem Greenband Trailer
Only a few new scenes. Includes a scene with an alien in a swimming pool, also new minor shots here and there as well as three chestbursters.
AvP Requiem Population Trailer
Similar to the greenband trailer shown at cinemas, this trailer shows some new footage. It shows the population decreasing as the trailer progresses. It’s more character based too.
AvP Requiem R-Rated Trailer
R-Rated trailer for AvP2. Lasts over two minutes and is very gory. Shows lots of action, a lot of people are killed, some shots of the Predalien too.

Video Clips

AvPR Clip #1: Sewer Rumble
This clip features Wolf in the Sewer activating some lasers. Many aliens attack and he has two of them by the throat when the hybrid appears knocking him through a wall.
AvPR Clip #2: Pool Party
Four of the characters are in a swimming pool when an alien jumps in so they try to get out of the building.
AvPR Clip #3: Williams is Missing
This clip features the battle with the National Guard and the aliens. Lots of gunfire and the main characters are listening to the battle over a radio.
AvPR Clip #4: Hospital Rumble
Wolf is in the hive when the hybrid appears. More aliens appear and a battle ensues. Wolf loses his hand gun and uses a blue vial of liquid to destroy the remains of an alien.
AvPR Clip #5: Get to the Chopper
This scene features Dallas, Kelly and Ricky. The latter two go to the helicopter while Dallas fends off the aliens with the Predator’s hand gun.
AvPR Store Showdown
This is a 1 and a half minute clip from AvPR that takes place in a store. Civilians are hiding out in a sports store when many Aliens and the main Predator appear. The clip contains a lot of action.

TV Spots

AvPR TV Spot #1: In The Middle
The first AvPR TV Spot. This has a couple of new shots here and there including two army guys being taken by an alien.
AvPR TV Spot #2: Last Place
This has quite a few new scenes. This is the first clip to show the Predator Homeworld. There’s also a shot of the military dropping a nuke on the town.
AvPR TV Spot #3: Trailer Recut
This contains no new footage. It’s just the trailer cut into 30 seconds.
AvPR TV Spot #4: No Peace
Contains a few new shots, most notably a shot of the hybrid’s new reproduction method. There’s also somebody cocooned.
AvPR TV Spot #5: Take Off
Probably my favourite tv spot. Shows Wolf on the Predator Homeworld and flying off. A new scene at the end with Wolf killing an alien.
AvPR TV Spot #6: Evolution
A few more new scenes. Starts with a Predator being killed by the Predalien on the ship. A new shot of Wolf/Hybrid fighting on the rooftop.
AvPR TV Spot #7: Molly
This is a Christmas-themed TV Spot showing Molly looking through night vision goggles and spotting a xenomorph in the trees.
AvPR TV Spot #8: New Species
A Japanese TV Spot showing various clips from the movie.


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  • Thank you for providing the ability to download all this content. It saves me the trouble of hunting it down and there are videos on here I didn't even know about.