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Posted by Darkness on February 3, 2007 (Updated: 07-Sep-2023)

So Part 1 of this article covered DVD Deleted Scenes. Part 2 of the article covers production stills, trailers etc which contained missing scenes. The script is also a reference but I’ve not included anything from the movie novelization. That strays too far away from the movie.

Other Deleted Scenes

Scenes listed here were seen in production stills, teaser/trailers and/or the script but were not in the final film or the DVD deleted scenes.

Weyland on the Ice Breaker (Source: Production Still)
Weyland is leaning over the balcony on board the Ice Breaker.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Predators Waking Up (Source: AvP: The Creature Effects of ADI Book)
This scene was mentioned in the book “AvP: The Creature Effects of ADI”. There was going to be a scene featuring the Predators coming out of suspended animation. Third-scale models were built of the Predators but it was cut and probably never filmed.

Though it was eventually cut, a planned miniature scene featuring naked Predators rising from a suspended-animation-inducing pool of goo required the creation of an anatomically-correct third-scale Predator.

The Predator Ship (Source: Production Still & Script)
The scene pictured below comes just before the predators’ assembling their weaponry. It shows the three predators staring at Earth.

A long thin viewing window at the front of the spacecraft. Through it, an awesome VIEW of the Earth spread out below us. Standing against the window — THREE PREDATORS in SILHOUETTE, outlined against the blue green globe. Weapons in their hands. The HUNTERS, preparing for the HUNT.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Klaus & Quinn (Source: Script)

There’s an extended scene right before the three predators attack the mercenaries and the drillers on the surface. We find out why Klaus, one of the mercenaries, was out there. There’s some interaction between Klaus and Quinn. Quinn asks what he is doing out there and Klaus replies “Following orders. Weyland wants this area secured.” Quinn then asks “From who?” and Klaus replies with “Claim jumpers. The Russians, the Chinese… another corporation. Anybody could be out there.” There’s another small scene in the shelter where Sven asks Mikkel “When are you going to get that heater started?” and Mikkel replies: “It’s coming …it’s coming.”

Scar Predator Turns (Source: Teaser Trailer)
After killing Weyland, Scar Predator turns towards the camera. You can make out Weyland’s body lying on the ground in the background.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Score One for the Beakers (Source: DVD Featurette “Facehugger & Eggs” & Script)
After Miller kills the leaping facehugger, he exclaims: ‘Score one for the beakers!’. This was taken out because the scene that explains what beakers are was also taken out earlier in the film.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Crawling Facehugger (Source: Online Featurette)
We can see a facehugger in the shot below crawling on somebody. This is most likely part of the flashback sequence with the women being sacrificed. In the film, you still see a facehugger on the woman but not from the angle below.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Looking for Targets in the Hive (Source: Production Stills)
As Lex and Scar make their way into the Hive, Lex stops to inspect the alien resin while Scar moves on with his laser to look for enemies. This scene occurs just before they reach the Egg Chamber with the cocooned bodies of Sebastian, Verheiden and Miller.

Sebastian Facehugged (Source: Production Still)
A production still was released showing Sebastian with a facehugger attached to him. In the film, Lex reaches the Egg Chamber and Sebastian calls out to her but this is after he is facehugged.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Grid Alien vs Scar Predator (Source: Script)
Just after Lex kills one of the aliens with the piton gun, the Grid Alien attacks the Scar Predator. It’s unclear if this was filmed but it was in the script.

A second Alien, “Grid” appears and rushes the sled. Grid smashes the piton gun. Scar reaches for his throwing disc and drives it into Grid’s crown, wounding him badly. Acid blood pours from Grid’s wounds, splashing Scar and burning through Scar’s armor. Scar’s wounds are brutal but not deadly. Grid and Scar are locked in deadly combat. Grid is clawing at Scar, with blow after pounding blow. Scar throws Grid back against the wall of ice. Lex grabs Scar and they tumble back into the sled together.

Grid Alien Reaches the Surface (Source: Script & Trailer)
In the script, the final explosion doesn’t actually happen until after Lex and Scar have reached the surface. The Grid Alien reached the top of the tunnel but was killed when the predator’s self-destruct device was initiated. In the film, the explosion happened when Lex and Scar were coming up on the sledge and it was implied that the Grid Alien was killed at the bottom of the tunnel. As you can see in the image below, the Grid Alien is on the surface with the hanging bodies behind it.

Far below, but with surprising speed, the Alien Queen is ascending the tunnel. Razor sharp claws cutting into the ice, giving her purchase. And clambering over her, even riding on top of her, are her children. Leading the hungry pack of ravenous aliens is GRID! Scar helps the groggy Lex to her feet. He pushes her on, running through the whaling station. Behind them, Grid appears at the mouth of the tunnel. CLOSE ON GRID. He is the first Alien to reach the surface. He HOWLS for Scar’s blood. This has been a personal grudge match between the two of them. He is about to leap forward when suddenly — The SCREEN WHITES OUT as the Predator Bomb finally explodes. The blast wave from the Predator Bomb hurtles up the tunnel. The snow around Grid’s feet vibrates with the force of the coming explosion. Grid turns back to look down the tunnel. The growing fireball is reflected in the shiny opaque dome of his head. Grid has only a moment to try and turn away before the fireball hits him with full force. He is BLOWN TO PIECES.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Scar Predator (Source: Trailer)
A scene I noticed in the trailer was the Scar Predator holding the spear with part of an alien’s tail at the end of it. In the film, Scar was running with this when the explosion happened but lost it when the whaling station collapsed. Perhaps, the scene below is related to the above scene when the Grid Alien reached the surface.

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Scar Picking Up The Grid Alien’s Finger (Source: DVD Featurette “HBO Special ” & Script)
In the HBO Special featurette on the AvP DVD, the Scar Predator is seen holding the Grid Alien’s finger. You can also see part of the Alien in the bottom-right corner. This scene was most likely cut because the scene where the Grid Alien reached the surface was also cut. The script says:

The SNOW around them HISSES and melts where chunks of Alien carcass have landed. One of these chunks looks familiar. It’s a piece of Grid’s head — his signature pattern clearly visible. Scar leans down and picks something up. He carries it over to Lex. She still wears the Alien Tail Spear and Shield slung over her back. Lex is still dazed, and it takes a moment for her to realize what is happening. Scar pulls a trophy Alien finger from his belt…

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

Scar & The Predalien Chestburster (Source: Script & AvP: The Creature Effects of ADI Book)
In the script, after the Queen impales Scar at the end, Scar knows that there is a Predalien Chestburster inside of him and tries to stab himself in the chest.

Scar reaches for his ceremonial dagger, but is just too weak. Lex helps it into his hands, and for a moment Scar holds the blade before his own chest. Almost as if he intended to stab himself. It’s a striking image, but one that will make little sense until the end of the picture.
Scar (in Lex’s voice): The enemy of my enemy…
LEX: Is my friend.
And then Scar dies. The blade falling unused by his side.

There’s also a picture in the book “AvP: The Creature Effects of ADI”, where Paul Anderson is showing how to use the dagger:

 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

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  1. I’ve always wondered if Lex froze to death or made it back to the boat in one of the snow crawlers.

    If so, did anyone believe her story? Maybe Ms. Yutani.

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