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Current Status of AvP3

Alien vs Predator 3 is in the rumoured phase. We’ve heard nothing about another sequel since AvP Requiem was released. Producer John Davis mentioned in September 2008 that they’ve logically done all they can do with the AvP franchise.

“I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator.” John Davis

The Director of AvP3

Colin and Greg Strause Aliens vs. Predator 3

Colin and Greg Strause

Colin and Greg Strause were adamant that they wanted to make Aliens vs Predator 3 when they were making AvP Requiem. They essentially wanted to make an AvP film in space, in the future but by the time they were hired, 20th Century Fox had already decided to go with Salerno’s script set on Earth. They incorporated elements of their ideas into the second film such as the Predator planet. ADI duo Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis are also contenders for the director’s chair. Having worked on the alien special effects in each movie since Aliens, Tom Woodruff revealed in April 2008 that he and Alec Gillis had aspirations to direct AvP Requiem themselves.

AvP3 Cast

Nobody specific has been mentioned though it’s doubtful anybody who appeared in the first two AvP films would appear in the third.

AvP3 Storyline

The storyline for AvP3 is anybody’s guess. From the beginning, fans have wanted an Alien vs Predator film to take place in space far in the future. The Strauses had a few of their own ideas for a potential storyline. One of the ideas took place after Aliens and another one involved the space jockey creature seen in the original Alien. Of course, a movie set in space is costly and it’s obvious the studio doesn’t want to take the risk. If Alien vs Predator 3 does ever get the greenlight we could end up with another poor Earth-based setting. Shane Salerno also pitched a story to Fox where the Predator ship crashed in Afghanistan and the movie revolved around a special forces team.

Alien vs Predator 3 Aliens vs. Predator 3

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  1. What they need to do is make it like a war like movie with an invasion setting. Something other than a few aliens and a small group of preds

  2. If they’re going to make AVP 3, make it better than AVPR, in Space with Weyland Yutani in it, with better graphics and no elephant roars, an alien queen, a praetorian, warriors and a Runner as smart as the Grid and Specimen 6, a Colonial Marine team as cool as the Colonial Marine team from Aliens Colonial Marines, no drama, no comedy, maybe some more mystery and clues in it, a little more action and thriller, and please make another Predator protagonist LIVE this time? For real this time? Not impregnated, not killed in a nuclear self destruct, and not killed by a bomb either. Just able to survive and make it back home in one piece, like the other Predator protagonists. I want all of this happen if they’re going to make AVP 3. Please? You know that every AVP fan would want this

  3. I was never big on the predator movies. I was always more of an alien fan because of Weaver and Ridley’s amazing storyline as well as the advance technology he devoleped for a 70s film. Yes I know it was mostly Christmas lights an all in the computers but the visual he created to make you feel like you were living in space and Weaver’s fight with the alien doesn’t get old, it pulled you in I miss that. I was actually bummed she had herself killed off cause she knew about the AvP movies. If they make another one I hope it’s in space, the war torn earth idea is outdated and overused in everything. The stories were good as far as opening up room for a new story, but I like the idea of it tying into the 1979 alien movie like prequels the time frame fits anyway cause alien was set in 2122 and both AvPs were current for the year 2004, so that gives a lot of time frame to build up Wayland Yutani. Not to mention having Bishop play Wayland in AvP could tie into aliens and why an AI looked like a young Wayland (Bishop). I don’t know from what I have seen (which is all of them) I like the ones Ridley does the best. I’d like to see Alien Covenant (Prometheus’s sequal) and that tie into alien it’s like a before AvP, then the AvPs tie into alien…. but I don’t think its gonna go far with out Ridley or his input I think they will burn out…. And I’d like to see Weaver back as Ripley even if she would have to play as an A.I.

  4. The only way AvP works is if:

    1. Colonial Marines

    2. Story line is set in the future

    3. Weyland – Yutani is involved

    4. SPACE!!!!!!!!!

    5. Less Pyramid sh*t! I mean they can do it but it can’t all be “Oh my god the great Yautja Pyramid!”

    6. Film must be “R” rated

    P.S. : When people go to see or play a AvP movie or game they want to have blood and guts, cursing, and adult themed stuff minus sex of course.

  5. in order for AVP to be great it has to have the right people behind it first and for most ! it would be great to see the people who made these 2 films come together and make this story line great .

  6. If they set it in space, it would step on the toes of the Alien series. I’m glad they didn’t so Ridley Scott could come back and take the franchise back into space where it belongs. The predator series is best left on earth.

  7. In my opinion I think that they should start off from when Adrian brodie and that girl made it out alive from the movie predators which was made back in 2010 bc in the beggining they landed on q different planet so I would like to see a predators 2 which would start off from them trying to get off the planet

  8. The first AVP worked well. The film makers created tight cast with a single hero (female), a good “haunted house” set (200 feet below the surface), had good production value, nice pacing, gave the audience a solid simple story with good exposition (backstory) behind it, and delivered on the promise of the premise – predator vs. alien in a fight. The second one was a hot mess. Too many characters (no central hero), the alien breeding any which way at will – this is what happens with screenwriters exploit their writer’s license. Not to mention a lousy (semi – deus ex machina) ending that produced the audience’s last (read: not only) eye-roll. AVP films might have had a cool run but AVP2 may have sunk that ship.

  9. Director Jordan Bryant

    Dont worry, AVP 3 is happening and the release date is going to be not so distant future, 2020 but fully with a budget of 300 million making it the most expensive avp movie. What I can tell you so far is like the first avp, the scene where we see the flashback in the Egyptians times where the 3 predators are ontop of the pyramid against hundreds of aliens …we are going to see more of that in this film but present time. We are pushing through to make it a all out war between hundreds predators against thousands of aliens. The queen gave birth to thousands and thousands of face huggers that went to town on earths humans. Ill keep you posted, follow Jordanbryantfilms for more details on the film.

  10. Just a suggestion… the ending of AVP 2 was focused on the predator tech found from the survivors and it seemed to have fallen to an Asian government because the package was given to the Asian woman. Which clearly states that there will be human intervention rather than involvement to the plot. at first humans were just pawns in the silly game of hunt and now they have found a weapon to duplicate.. which might mean the conflict will be within the 3 species. humans, predator, alien

  11. I loved avp 1 & 2, the storylines was great, the only reason most people complained, is for complaining sake, alien 4 lacked substance to the end, predators (3) the landscape was too earthly, was like 1 remade over. I hope there is a continuity to avp 2 the ending was great.

  12. I think it needs to be a Aliens Vs. Predator 3 : The Takeover where the aliens are battling the predators for there planet. And the predators call on the humans for there help because if they takeover there planet it could carry-over to earth. Because the planets are very similar in there origins so both planets can be saved. At the same time they need each other’s help at the same time to make it happen.

  13. They need to make the battle more on a massive scale, on maybe an Alien planet or on a Predator planet that would make it more unique and have humans be the “visitors” so to speak. Imagine seeing a army vs army situation.
    They need to make it more epic, the AVP 1 was really good, but the 2nd one didn’t seem as epic strangely, I was kinda disappointed, the first one pointed out the strength of the humans, an I was kinda hoping, that it would carry over to the 2nd one, but it didn’t instead it when back to pointing out how week humans were an how running away was the best option. Like the original alien series I was kinda looking forward to another female warrior type leading others an teaching them her experiences and then they grow confidence and gain skills an become skilled just as the leading lady in the first avp (honestly I was hoping she’d be in the 2nd one)
    There really needs to be 3 teams human, alien, and predator an the human team works with the predator team. Like an alliance. Anyways this is just my thoughts on the matter. Loved the first AVP 2nd one I found lacking.

  14. Yeah If they ever do a new movie they Should name it AVP 3 World War and i like the idea when it’s all out war on planet Earth.

  15. Jimmy lace No that Basicly copy Alien Reserection and Alien 3 You know the Acid Blood from Resarection and the Alien Baby from Alien 3

  16. Well AVP 2 Requiem Ends Showing the Predator’s Gun (I Think this is a High Tech Plasma Ball Shotgun I say Shotgun because the way The Predator Holds it) This leaves a space for new Creativity much like the Creativity involved in Creating an Alien Predator Hybrid. I found that really cool so hopefully they will make AVP 3

  17. I think they should of added more story to the Predaliens in AVP Requiem just like they did in The Alien vs Predator comics. They should have also added in at least the Ryushi Predalien. ?

  18. I want to see Alien vs Predator vs Engineer and have it take place on another planet. The thing about the xenomorphs (aliens) they have been all around the universe so the story could really take place anywhere.

  19. If AVP3 is made, for pete’s sake don’t use those pitch black sequences that I regard as the trade mark of an inept director’s way of concealing his lack of ability

  20. Aliens don’t have a specific planet to attack they were originally created by preditors and stashed away on a far off planet as a weapon of mass destruction then humans wanderd into the catacombs where it was stashed ergo Aliens were created.
    They really should pic up where the nuke was dropped and the small team was picked up by the army. And have the predalien come back.

  21. Why not make an alien that is based off a water alien since in the first AVP since the Queen was dragged into the icy water that would be amazing

  22. Jon Davis is wrong. The theme of AvP is survival of the fittest; so humans screwing each other over should’ve been the driving story. And humans are always the true villains in horror, worse than the monsters they’re fighting. The logical move would be to have a human hero, screwed over by the military (he’s been impregnated via airborne spores as part of an experiment.) That attracts Predator. Cue carnage. Hero sides with a vaguely sympathetic Predator, uses Predator Tech to fight a human mastermind villain who is enhanced with Alien genetics by the company. He’s got acid for blood etc. Your end battle would be Alien Vs Predator, but humans representing the sides.

  23. You should have it too where the predators comes back too earth too kill the queen aliens and too fight the humans it should be known as alien v predator world war the return of the aliens and predators

  24. You should make a highbrid queen like the alien queen has the ability to change too a different alien only because the freezing water made her change

  25. I think that Alien vs. predator 3 should be made only because of 5 things the first alien v predator movies at the end had the queen of the aliens falling in too the Atlantic sea so you should make another movie on how she returns that’s one reason why you should make it. The second reason why you should make it is because of alien v predator number 2 at the end of that one has the predators weapon so you should make it some that the queen alien returns and the predators come back too kill the alien queen and too come back for there weapon

  26. What should happen is Weyland Yutani should breed another queen, Predator sent to protect Alexa Woods, while a few Predaliens and xenomorphs are running around in a facility or something.

  27. What about the alien that fell down into the ocean at the end of the first movie in Antarctica. Can’t you make something out of that like the alien uses the acid and melts the chain and goes back to surface.

  28. Corguz~Baal - Scribe of the Collectors

    ”Logically done all they can do with the AvP franchise” ?
    What? no! .. In any case, screw logic!

    I just talked about this with a friend, and we agreed that these movies don’t even need story! Just endless cool action!
    There don’t even have to be humans in the movies.. Screw Earth, Earth is not exciting.

    In the movies we have learned that Predators have personalities, and there must be many of them out there.
    So why not make a movie about Predators fighting some Alien infestation somewhere in space? a colony, a planet, anything really (In this case, humans would do, and i guess we need some people to relate to)

    A mix of Predator 3 and Alien 2, or something like that
    Predators, the awesome looking, ”peace-keeping”, trophy collecting, bad ass killing machines we all love to see in action

    While it would kinda ruin the mystique if we were to see the Predators home planet, not to mention, what does it even look like? .. Well, don’t.. i like the mystique.. Anywhere else would be better.. Then again, why would we see their home planet? it’s not like Aliens would infest their planet.. How could they? (Hint: they can’t)

    There must be Aliens our there too.. And i guess they kinda like that whole, killing and breeding on everyone thing they’ve got going on
    There are endless possibilities for action movies with this franchise, and i’m happy as long as i get to see some Predator action

    To stop now would be as if the Alien franchise stopped at the second movie.. It’s not like anything new happens in those movies

    I love these movies!
    Aliens, Predators, that whole ”Weyland-Yutani ~ Building Better Worlds” Powerful company with cyborgs and high-tech stuff
    They could have plenty of colonies out there that need some infestation going on, and of course the Predators need to kill something.. Why not give them some humans, cyborgs, all kinds of animals, and a lot of Aliens to play with?

    I like me some bloodshed.. and Predators.. they are good at violence.. good at making stuff bleed.. good at looking cool as hell when executing sick moves to kill some prey and collect some skulls and spines!
    Aahh.. I love it <3

    Don't EVER stop this franchise!

  29. Sergi akbar ( Indonesia )

    I wish avp 3 storyline and storyboard will be like this”prometheus was in the movie crossover too! Prometheus creator of humans and xenomorph itself the prometheuses are trying to eliminate the xenomorphs once and for all across the universe! So they called in an old friend the predators, the predators got a mysterious unknown invite signal after they got to the prometheuses planet location the clan leader is aberserker, but a good one! Then he takes his mask of and with fury he punched the prometheus clan leader and the berserker would say “How dare you show your face to the yautja race again!” Then prometheus says”i am sorry for what I did to the universe! ” berserker : ” your aerogants for being a god to crdate life is too far! I have seen centient peaceful beings die in the hands of your xenomorphs !” Prometheus: ” but, we are trying to destroy what we have created old friend, but we cannot do that alone! We need to form an alliance to destroy them once and for all! ” the berserker clan leader predator accepts his offer then he reports to all of the yautja race even the evil yautja clan joined forces after they eliminate all of the xenomorphs queens in the universe they have begin there journey to the last place the xenomorph hiding place and that is earth! Begun an epic syfy adventure ALIEN VS HUMAN VS PROMETHEUS AND PREDATOR

  30. I’ve always love both. When I discovered the books avp, I was hooked and always wanted to see them big screen. The aliens books are great as they have taken over earth. They could take that and add some predators to the mix…great story

  31. Fresh look at all the aliean and predator movies a hopefully I as a up coming derector I agree to fresh look into bolth franchise, I’d be interested if the design a cyborg predator hybrid, it would work for future vision, Earth ground zero.

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