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Current Status of AvP3

Alien vs Predator 3 is in the rumoured phase. We’ve heard nothing about another sequel since AvP Requiem was released. Producer John Davis mentioned in September 2008 that they’ve logically done all they can do with the AvP franchise.

“I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator.” John Davis

The Director of AvP3

Colin and Greg Strause Aliens vs. Predator 3

Colin and Greg Strause

Colin and Greg Strause were adamant that they wanted to make Aliens vs Predator 3 when they were making AvP Requiem. They essentially wanted to make an AvP film in space, in the future but by the time they were hired, 20th Century Fox had already decided to go with Salerno’s script set on Earth. They incorporated elements of their ideas into the second film such as the Predator planet. ADI duo Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis are also contenders for the director’s chair. Having worked on the alien special effects in each movie since Aliens, Tom Woodruff revealed in April 2008 that he and Alec Gillis had aspirations to direct AvP Requiem themselves.

AvP3 Cast

Nobody specific has been mentioned though it’s doubtful anybody who appeared in the first two AvP films would appear in the third.

AvP3 Storyline

The storyline for AvP3 is anybody’s guess. From the beginning, fans have wanted an Alien vs Predator film to take place in space far in the future. The Strauses had a few of their own ideas for a potential storyline. One of the ideas took place after Aliens and another one involved the space jockey creature seen in the original Alien. Of course, a movie set in space is costly and it’s obvious the studio doesn’t want to take the risk. If Alien vs Predator 3 does ever get the greenlight we could end up with another poor Earth-based setting. Shane Salerno also pitched a story to Fox where the Predator ship crashed in Afghanistan and the movie revolved around a special forces team.

Alien vs Predator 3 Aliens vs. Predator 3

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  1. The next Alien vs Predator movie should be sort of a ‘prelude’ to going into space. For example: Somewhere, Weyland-Yutani should announce its first android, or ship built for interplanetary travel and colonization, and at the end, the first space-station by Wey-Yu is built.
    And what about Yautja Prime (Predator home planet) and Xenomorph Prime? We haven’t seen much of the creatures’ home planets (on film), so we don’t know much about where they came from.

  2. I say that AvP 2 was okay but the way they ended it, there has to be a AvP3 and maybe add the species of aliens from Alien Colonial marines game.

  3. avp1 = solid / avp 2 = terrible

    AVP 1:
    great story – tight writing – the plot’s pace kept picking up speed
    great setting
    great cast
    The only fault was the pred-alien creation (stupid) – it lead to AVP 2 and yuk – aliens are aliens – cool enough as is.
    Predator – give them a new weapon (to add to original cache) and bingo – you’re set.
    Story/cast/setting are the keys – just don’t hire the AVP 2 team – bring back Paul Anderson!
    Do a third one – set it in space – 100 years from now or something… Humans in space – and they run into…??? PW can fill in the rest.

  4. I liked the AVP movies and the comics and I agree with sone of the other comments posted earlier that they can still do a lot with the franchise they just need to use some of theur imagination with the next film. But somewhere down the line I think they will have to explore and explain the predators first encounter with the aliens and their intense rivalry with eachother both being near apex predaters (tops of their food chains) and I believe thats where the space jockeys come in since they are masters of genetics and able to create and evolve new species they may have created the aliens a long time ago for the predators to be the ultimate prey or they created both races to create the perfect organism. Not saying that the third film has to be like this but just somewhere down the line if they continue the franchise.

  5. dougehaynes6@gmail.com

    Love Of all your guys stuff love your movies it has such good graphics why does everything have to be so dark and talk about how long they been around in how long they been at war for just wanted to know

  6. The story could go something like this: The “mother” alien is shown going down in the artic waters. It is not stated that she died. Time goes on and a company goes back to the area where the last movie left off to drill for oil or something and they dredege up the “mother” alien. Due to her size they put her in a large container and call scientists to come and study her. Because her body is filled with acid like blood, she cuts herself and uses this to escape from the container. She finds a cave and lays eggs ( like how snails can reproduce)She then goes back to where she was dredged up from and starts killing. One of the scientists remembers that Ms. Woods (Sanaa Lethan) had done lectures on Alien Life Forms and she is contacted. Because is she is a warrior among the predators, she was given a sword, It is through this that the predators are able so see what she sees and they know that the aliens have returned. She is dispacted to the area of the killing fromt he aliens at the same time a team from Predators arrive and she fights along with them.

  7. The first two scripts where ok, if they get the right budget as well, a talented director, they could make it what the fans expect out of the story line.

  8. How will the movie be better or worst than alien vs predator, and avp requiem
    Its a great place to it space both species are from space

  9. personally id like to see a movie about the predators finding the xenomorphs and fighting them to capture the queen, kinda doing a George Lucas and showing the setup for AVP, cause in AVP you see them fight the xenomorphs and the whole hunter’s right of passage thing but how did they find the xenomorphs and how did they manage to keep the queen quiet all the way from the xenomorph home world to earth, how did they capture it in the first place? it could all start with a young predator looking for his right of passage and setting out for the best hunt of all and he and a gang of other teenage predators go in search for the rumored xenomorphs…….. just an idea.

  10. The USA have predators gun they could fight to get that back plus kno one knows I’d predator/alien thing is dead could be still alive you never know

  11. Earth setting doesn’t mean bad. Avp1 was great.

    AVP2 is crap because of poor storyline, veered offcourse asex predalien that could impregnate women. Xenomorphs work like ants and bee colony. Only female praetorian could become queen and give birth. Worst of avp2 was its worst lighting, we can’t see anything but darkness and screams. They wanted to make night dark scene, they have to add lighting so that audiences could see what’s going on. These guys failed lighting which makes them unfit to be film directors. Replace these failures with proper director. I would want more gore and sci fi, get Paul Verhoeven.

  12. This is what I say I agree that they should deffinitly not stop at two. They need to bring back the woman that faught along side the one that died in the first movie and of course Ripply and make it in the future is good but also bad because it can become a little far fetched or unrealistic but out of both movies have been fantasic. And all the alien movies and predator have been great movies the fact you find out also the predators can time travle also they could use Arnold and Danny make one kick ass team with the two girls and guys teaming up along side the predator army kicking a shit ton of alien ass would be so worth seeing. I agree with you guys in saying they wont take the time or get the right amount of money to make the next film or it will be rushed. I under stand it takes allot of money to make these si fi movies what I think though is weather its fox or paramount any the big guys out there they have plenty enough money to make it huge three or four times over I dont get why they wont spend the money. I cant wait to see another Alien vs Predator movie and I hope they dont take the next three to five years to make it by that time people have either moved on or you have a bran new audience.

  13. I hear they have plans to cast Sigourney Weaver in the next alien movie in order to add a true finish to the series,this is the aim of the supposed at present director on board through the grape vine at least any way in the movie community,he is making another movie at present but his word’s in an online forum where “so i suppose Alien is my next movie” it’s Neill Blomkamp,Basically he’s the director behind District 9 / Elysium and chappie.

    He apparently quoted how he’d love to see the series end correctly where the last film left it hanging for a follow up movie,i personally would like to see her come back,but not from the end point of ASlien Ressurection to be fair it was what killed the franchise for me any way.And the prequel was not all the hype (Prometheus) it spent too much time involved with travelling in space and talking instead of getting down to the part where people get chased and eaten etc just like Alien movies are supposed to be,Any way back to the point here, apparently Sigourney Weaver agreed that it didn’t get the proper ending in Alien Ressurection and wants to do the film and they got chatting about doing the movie during filming on the set of Chappie.They both want to do it,wether the whole story is here say or not i am unsure but it is online to read.

  14. Hey would love you’s to do another avp movie or even another predators movie like the one on the planet when they fall from the sky and are getting hunted an sequel to that would be great but yeah back to avp3 definetly should make another bcoz it stops after they survive the town and they get away with the predators shoulder gun so would love to see how that turns out on earth and aswell as that other movie would love to see a sequel to et thankz much appreciated Logan moriarty

  15. Not entire true ground base verse of it just good space base verse of done right. At this point well start up special force train for this type mission include armed weapons contain Alien break out. So when they us the nuke next time us civilian not there. Not like much excuse all do respect. Helicoptor that take fly Airplane and they get civilians out still used them as bait.

  16. after we see whats goin to happen in the sequel to Prometheus they should totally make a more futuristic earth-based avp movie where WY has begun experimenting with the aliens and have accidentally let the info slip out, coincidentally the pred’s should just happen to be hunting on earth when they intercept the info about the xeno experiments and instantly drop the hunt they are on to go and wipe out the labe or base where the research is being done at. at about the same time that the pred’s do this the USCM would have also found out about illegal experiments and would send in some marines to take the base from WY and gather up all the data on the xeno’s and kill the rest of the ones that were there before they find a way outside, and start to breed. I’ve thought a lot abut how the next movie would be and this is the best thing that I could come up with. Hope they do something like this in the next one.

  17. personally I want to see a Alien vs the Marines kinda movie unlike aliens the marines would know about the Aliens perhaps some new space facility is being taken over by the Aliens and the marines have to wipe out the Aliens and destroy them there would be new alien breeds perhaps dark red alien a flying alien a new breed of spider alien that or face hugger that don’t jump on there victims face but shoots ascid with there tales, marines could have all kinds of weapons perhaps even mecharmored machines etc blah blah :)

  18. Where is the mix from alien vs predator the 1st one as u see a thing comes out of the belly of predator ???????? A vs P 2 where is the guy escaping shit make something happen smh they are good movies

  19. Would love to see Sanaa Lathan in AVP3. She is the only surviving person who has worked with a Predator to kill Aliens and it would be really interesting to see her again working with Predators to solve the Alien problem. It could be on Earth with the government calling upon Lathan for her expertise in understanding what the Predators are doing here. They could all join forces in taking down the Aliens and driving them off of the planet.

  20. I’VE GOT IT. after AVP ISOLATION ( will be uploading a forum on that) the colonial marines are sent to find out what happened to the previous marines ( events of AVP isolation) however the predators aware of the events in AVP isolation then send a distress signal to he zenomorph home world the marines investigate the planet the predators shoot down their ship (USS zodiac or an other name) the marines are trapped on the planet. This is not the full detail contact me if you want me to say the full detail think of some ideas as well i will love to hear them ( i would LOVE to be part of AVP 3)

  21. Someone should have shot salerno… what a dtupid concept for a movie avp2 was a total joke seems like a massive cashgrab… watching the movie i totally wonder if salerno had any love for either franchise… seemed like a total joke with all the great avp stories out there…
    reading this article and seeing that there was a better idea totally sickens me fucking fox is retarded..

  22. why cant we have an aliens vs predator movie set on lv 426 is it to much to ask for it to be like the video games are u know the colonial marines say go to investigate strange goings on only to be ambushed by xeno’s and predators turn up to hunt both and then its a fight for survival for the marines would be a lot better than any earth based crap as that ruined the first 2 movies and for the love of god no more predator working with a human.really hated that

  23. It would be awesome to see a 3rd installment to the avp franchise. Well we have already seen that there was a part on the predators home planet.
    After destroying the alian and predator at the hospital why not have us humans piss around with the alians dna and clone it. Have 2 or 3 alians in specialized cages with miss ukatni what ever her name is over ses it big break type she uses predators weapon which sends a signal to the predators home they come collect them takes the back not knowing to us predators have kidnapped a special forces team on their craft or known to us. Big battle on the mother ship sounds cool lol

  24. they should have the third with alittle more language more gore like in original alien and pred movies instead of not showing death and chest bursters plus since prometheus two wont have xenomorph make the movie were preds fight deacon and since they made it to where the jocky isnt on same planet as alien have a new species of alien for them to fight and leave it open to where they can have it after alien movies and in 4 they have it how kid757 said since multiple queen and pred alien on earth along with w tech bio engineered aliens

  25. AVP 3? Sure go for it, but better not have Requiem’s horribly stuffed extra scenes and characters that are of no importance whatsoever. AVP 1 wasn’t all that bad, kinda liked the whole Predator and human alliance. That happens in a few comics too if you ever read some of them.

  26. i think they should get the ‘green light’ to make a third Alien VS Predator and to set the film in space because i think the fans would love it. And to be honest the second one wasn’t all it could of been in my perspective, but i did enjoy the Predalien.

    i do hope there will be a third as it might give an ending, and not leaving it open like the last two as people would expect another one, and besides most awsome movies like: Expendables and Blade, are trilogies and i think the first AVP was great, but the second one lacked closure and is in desperate need of a third film making so we finally know it is over.

  27. The AVP 3 film could actually involve humans fighting a side to side predators in the future. And the fight could occur in space and on another planet. I still think that AVP has alot to offer for the fans of the Alien, Predator and AVP sequels with story lines.

  28. I’ve been a fan of the all the alien films, predator films and avp films. so if they did make a avp 3 film, they should set it in the year 2104 so it is like the first film but on a predator plant but have the humans having a bigger part in it by joining the predators to fight the aliens due to the humans having better tech thanks to the end of avp 2. hopw they make avp 3

  29. We dont need humans getting in the way of a showdown. We need more space battles between the two predator types using the aliens as weapons to cause chaos while they fight over the milkyway as a teritorial war. Wheres the imagination. Bring on the andromeda aliens.
    They’re getting closer every second.

  30. If they make AVP 3 they should make their setting at the aliens planet where they have a huge war with the predators so that only one of those species will. Survive and only on species can kill humans

  31. I agree with the last post those movies were awesome avp1 and avpr where dreams come true for me. I watched alien,Aliens,alien three, alien resurrection,Predator 1-2… I can remember reading the comics when I was 12 and 13 (94-95) writing letters to Fox telling them to make an AVP!! I think if they really buckle down and made a great story predator3 could be exactly what the world needs right now they’re already putting out sci-fi movies like crazy. But everybody knows it takes about three years to make an awesome movie with the CG in everything. And a big BUDGET.

  32. It will be the longest break since AvP Requiem if they release that. I hope so. OMG i’ve got so many ideas for the story… But it depends of them if the screenplay become good enough. I don’t see some good old actors in this (as someone has wrote about Arnold Schwarzeneger) – it could be nice, but i can’t imagine that. ^^

    oh well… Waiting for the world wide premiere!

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