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Current Status of AvP3

Alien vs Predator 3 is in the rumoured phase. We’ve heard nothing about another sequel since AvP Requiem was released. Producer John Davis mentioned in September 2008 that they’ve logically done all they can do with the AvP franchise.

“I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator.” John Davis

The Director of AvP3

Colin and Greg Strause Aliens vs. Predator 3

Colin and Greg Strause

Colin and Greg Strause were adamant that they wanted to make Aliens vs Predator 3 when they were making AvP Requiem. They essentially wanted to make an AvP film in space, in the future but by the time they were hired, 20th Century Fox had already decided to go with Salerno’s script set on Earth. They incorporated elements of their ideas into the second film such as the Predator planet. ADI duo Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis are also contenders for the director’s chair. Having worked on the alien special effects in each movie since Aliens, Tom Woodruff revealed in April 2008 that he and Alec Gillis had aspirations to direct AvP Requiem themselves.

AvP3 Cast

Nobody specific has been mentioned though it’s doubtful anybody who appeared in the first two AvP films would appear in the third.

AvP3 Storyline

The storyline for AvP3 is anybody’s guess. From the beginning, fans have wanted an Alien vs Predator film to take place in space far in the future. The Strauses had a few of their own ideas for a potential storyline. One of the ideas took place after Aliens and another one involved the space jockey creature seen in the original Alien. Of course, a movie set in space is costly and it’s obvious the studio doesn’t want to take the risk. If Alien vs Predator 3 does ever get the greenlight we could end up with another poor Earth-based setting. Shane Salerno also pitched a story to Fox where the Predator ship crashed in Afghanistan and the movie revolved around a special forces team.

Alien vs Predator 3 Aliens vs. Predator 3

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  1. Originally I thought the sheer concept of AVP was enough to make it amazing. The first film proved me wrong. I miss the gritty psychological elements of the first and second alien films and the first predator. The first AVP relied too heavily on mediocre cgi and the story was okay at best. The second, although significantly better , was still a teenage slasher flick with aliens. If they learnt from Requiem and up their game again then avp 3, if it is ever made, could be good. I wont be holding my breath though.

  2. I’m a huge fan of both Alien & Predator but a bigger fan of Predator. I loved the newest movie Predators,but I believe before we get AVP 3 Alien needs a new Revamp we haven’t got an Aliens movies since the 90’s with Alien Resurrection. In my opinion Fox either needs to team up or give it’s rights to Legendary Pictures they’ve have took the latest movie monster movies by storm & are still having great success. I think they would give the fans what they wanted with an AVP movie. Requiem wasn’t what anybody expected cheesey story line felt like one of your cheap SciFi movies you see every saturday. They didn’t do enough with the Hybrid Predalien either & only 1 Predator in the whole movie I mean come on I love Predator he’s badass but the Hybrid destroyed a ship & slaughtered the 5 Predators on it like nothing & a single Predator is sent in to take care of it and a small army of aliens that’s bullshit. That movie was simple rushed and a huge let down to me & other Alien & Predator fans it needs redeemed badly!

  3. First off. Just like a lot of sequels in the past ,it is the second that out does the first film, look at “Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan” and Aliens . “AVP Requiem would have been , If had the ‘ Lex from the first film ( Ian Whyte was portraying a different ” Predator ) , The “Weyland Corp would have been posted on everything happening with their
    dying ” CEO ” even if he did not know about , hence lex role . It needed continuity .

  4. I love avp as a movie but I like predator more. And i do think that there should be a
    avp3 though. Here’s what I think that the story line should be.A human space ship
    with aliens on board crashes on the predator planet.

  5. I am a huge fan of both franchises and I would love for the new one to be in space but if not why not do a prequel and make it show how it all started with AVP, I am not the only one right? I would hope it has a better story because AVPR did lack much of a story but I still enjoyed it though. They need to bring some good NO!!! GREAT ACTORS, aand a well known director that isn’t new to the franchise. I love story driven movies that are very interesting and that is the main thing that drives the movie right? In my opinion it is anyway though but they could make the movie take place in three big settings and make is a 2 1/2 hours long or more or maybe longer in parts perhaps, IDK. The three settings would be earth at first, then somehow get to a space station then end up on ether an alien taken planet or mostly predator and it would be a huge battle of aliens and predators, that would be really cool ha-ha. As a huge fan of both franchises, it is 2015 and it is time to not reboot but continue, do not waste time on a REBOOT!!!! on ether franchise just keep it going through AVP! It should bring the effects of a slimy scary alien like “big chap” from ALIEN and the lurking stalker from a distance predator feel from PREDATOR movie with Arnold. That’s about all really but please by 2018 I want to see and awesome AVP3 or more or maybe a continuation of predator because alien has 5 movies and predator ony has 3, MAKE MORE!!!!!

  6. I always liked aliens
    Avp2 -2 is also a damn good movies

    But somehow i always feel like we still dont know to much about the aliens.. (xenomorph)
    I hope they soon will make 2 alien movies.. 1 where they kinda finish the story from the last one
    But we really need another alien movie who have to take place before we stample across them..

    We kinda need to know who the aliens is…
    Where they come from and so..
    We know more about the predators than the xenomorph’s,
    So its time to make an alien movie where we get more knowledge about them, who they are, where they come from… The sad thing is just H.R Giger is death (father of the xenomorph) and i kinda feel they might need him to complete the xenomorph’s story

    Am i the only one who always had that in mind??
    I know we from the first avp movies learn that predators did fight the aliens as a mean of passage..
    But where the hell did those beast of a nightmare come from !

  7. Heres part 2 of my plot.


    The film then Jumps eight years later to the year 2015. a montage of news reports flash across the screen. Different news reporters report different accounts of the unsolved mystery of the Gunnison Colorado Bombing. Vague reports suggest that the government has not told the public the truth of the Gunnison Colorado Bombing. We then switch to another scene where a group of 20 or so board members of Wayland Enterprise and Yutani Corp are having a meeting. A man in his late fifties, Arnold Shaw, new CEO of Wayland Enterprise and once good friend of Mr. Wayland is conducting the meeting. Shaw gives a introduction referencing about America in World War 2. We then learn that the lab/conference room is in the same facility where the Atom Bomb was created in the Manhattan Project in World War 2. Shaw states that the creation of the Atom Bomb was a revolutionary technology that changed human history. He then also states that there are already prototype weapons and devices that are similar to the Predators’ technology. The board members express there concern of what the outcome may be for playing God and trying to replicate an advance alien technology. Miss. Yutani stands up and silences the arguing board members. Yutani states that the facility they are using was the birth place of a technology that ended a world war. She then says that the human race can do this once again by creating a technology that will protect the human race from devastation. A board member then argues by saying why have they cloned an Alien. In defense, Yutani says that it is the soul purpose to study the Alien and to know more about it. Shaw then nods in approval and turns his back toward us. We learn that the survivors from both episode 1 and 2 have sworn to secrecy and they were not allowed to tell there accounts/stories to anyone. We then see that Shaw has been staring at a glass case that contains the spear that the Elder Predator had given Alexa Wood in episode 1. Meanwhile, a few dozen scientists in the lab are conducting experiments. We see two scientists scanning the Predator from episode 2’s wrist armor with some sort of laser. We switch over to another scene where another scientist had just finished hooking wires to the salvaged Predator mask. He leaves the room and a light on the side of the mask starts to blink. The scene changes to the civilized home world of the Predators. In a large room, the Elder Predator addresses the Council of Elders, a group of high ranking predators. Subtitles show that the Predators are discussing the disappearance of the Predator from episode 2. A masked Predator then presses a few buttons on his wrist armor and a hologram image appears in front of the Council of Elders. The image shows the Science Lab in the Facility in New York. Subtitles show that the Elder Predator is saying that they have been spying on the humans progress in replicating their technology. The Elder Predator then states that they need to put stop to the humans progress before its to late. We then change scenes to a group of scientists in the facility. They are making some notes and typing on some sort of special keyboard. One of the scientists seems to be monitoring vitals on a computer. The scientists leave and the screen moves in on a glass tank that contains a full grown Alien. We move in closer and the Alien begins to move it’s head slightly.

    SIDE NOTE- Let me know if anyone wants me to continue.

  8. Heres a somewhat brief plot of my version of AVP 3.


    The scene opens up where we left off in AVPR with Colonel Stevens eyeing the Predator’s Plasma Cannon. After shutting the case containing the weapon, he orders two officers to have it shipped to a secure facility in New York. The dark clad woman, Ms. Yutani, CEO of Yutani Corp hands Colonel Stevens a thick folder. Eyeing the Colonel, Yutani informs the officer that this is classified information and must remain top secret. She also informs Stevens that she has hired another company to help her corporation with her mission to unlock the Predator’s Technology. Stevens takes the folder and eyes it. On the folder a large letter W sports it’s cover. The emblem for Wayland Enterprise. Meanwhile, Delta Force troops are searching through the bomb stricken town of Gunnison Colorado.. A group of the special forces soldiers reach a devastated building which was once the town’s hospital. Three of the soldiers reach a part of the hospital where the Predator and the Hybrid had their last stand. The soldiers begin to scan the area and look through the wreckage. One of the soldiers looks like he has spotted something. He calls the other two soldiers over and together they begin to clear some wreckage. After clearing the wreckage, the soldier kneels down and picks up the singed battle damaged mask that once belonged to the Predator.

  9. I am three things. I am a Military geek, Martial Art geek, and an Alien vs Predator geek. I’m 17 years of age and I saw the first AVP when I was 7. Then when I was 10 years old, I saw AVPR. Sadly AVPR was one of the last movies I watched before I lost my eyesight. I remember I use to always play with my AVP action figures and tried to imagine what AVP 3 would be like by playing with my toys. It sucks that they didn’t make a part 3 before I went blind. However, I did write my version of AVP part 3, and it’s connected to the first two episodes. I’ll post a brief plot of my version of part 3 later. If my version is bad or not appealing, please don’t be e an asshole and write something trashy.

  10. I hope AVP 3 gets the green light. However, if they do make a third part, it should be connected to the second episode. I really want to know what the human race does with the salvaged Predator plasma canon.

  11. How about a storyline in the future starting on earth? One where the earth is completely infested and a few survivor colonies remain and are trying to get offworld? this could later continue into space in the same movie with alines having made it onto the ship or one made it on leading toward another movie.

  12. They need to reboot the whole AVP series again. The first one was okay, but the cast and PG-13 rating ruined it. Even though it got an unrated DVD release you can tell it was made to be anemic with the blood and gore. The second one was ruined by the high school teen angst.

  13. They need to make one where it left off in avp r when they find the predators gun. U can’t jump around in good movies like this it still need to take place on earth. Where the government builds better weapons from the pred gun they found and the preds need better weapons for being beat agian and aliens needs to be in there if they use these in there movie it will be a good it will be a long movie but they need to do it they can’t go wrong

  14. I think after avpr, im not really sure we should make another one cuz im scared it’ll be shit like the 2nd one but i do want them to proove me wrong and make a good avp movie like the first one (in my opinion was good)

  15. Next to Star Wars or perhaps terminator franchise aliens and predator movies have some of the best action and sci fi porn out , I saw aliens as a very young fat nerd child with asthma, my dear old dad took me and I bloody loved that film, when Vasquez shoots the alien in the head with her pistol or that scene when the xenomorphs fall through the ceiling simply carnage film.

    In predator when the hunter is knocking off the team, de thoraxing shooting off limbs and the punch on with arnie at the end just fantastic

    Even the avp films with have been globally criticised have some great bits. The first alien predator fight in avp was gold whenthe predanet dissolving over the alien head COME ON fox or Walter hill or david giller or weaver someone get to it , Give us older nerd boys and girls more of the xenomorph or predator films they make money fan base is huge you will make money ,, face it aliens is really Alien$ ,, fox just spend some decent money and please make it r rated, buck the current pg13 trend ,, remember they come out at night mostly and if it bleeds we can kill it

    Cheers mark

  16. Too all real fans this is the destiny moment. You say your fans but what are you prepared to do? I have AVSP3 script that fucking rocks.

    I have finished it, it needs your help to get to the right people.

    If fox studio reads this script the will say go with it, and forget anything else, no brag.

    Its got a new evolution Predator never seen.
    All out battle with the thousands of Aliens you saw in AVP against Predators
    A Vet predator who’s like a 007 Predator
    The King predator shows up and does things you wouldn’t believe!
    Crazy lines like: We’s flouting on bomb, you’s worried bout air!

  17. Look to all fans in my finished script the King predator squares up with ?
    There’s a new evolution Predator
    There’s a badass Vet Predator, its fucking 007 Bond Predator!
    There’s a full scale war Predator, Aliens, Engineer’s battle epic this won’t happen again.
    Good story with purpose.
    Cool tec
    New fighting ,weapons
    Crazy lines like :We’s flouting on bomb, and you’s worried bout air!
    Its got Predator tagteam badass fighting to take down Aliens its insane!

    This is the film for fans

    Promise ain’t none of you seen this and trust me it needs to be the one they make I ‘ve weighted up things researched, redeveloped, reworked.

    I am not trying to blow my own horn.
    This is purely because I really, really want you fans to see this.

    I really am passionate about the Predators and Aliens and Prometheus the whole thing so wrote for the love of it. I thought what would I like to see and this is it.

  18. I’ve watched both AVP’s And enjoyed both however I feel that in the AVPR they left out a crucial moment when the humans/human and predator side together to overcome the aliens. In the first one they did this perfectly and was a little shocked that they didnt do it again in the second. KID757 Awesome Idea however if you paid close attention to the first AVP you’d realize that there already was a Queen alien on planet earth so it would make perfect sense if they brought the alien population to an overwhelmingly large number that eventually put only a handful of resistance fighters underground hunkered down hiding and fighting to survive. They could almost make it a three movie split making the first movie basically about the infestation of the alien race on planet earth and killing off the human population therefore sending number two to be the beginning of a resistance that had advanced weaponry from the AVPR movie and used it to fortify what they could. But lets face it in the aftermath of the first the population would be dwindling by a string causing the humans to eventually find a way to reach out to the Predator home world asking for support. (in many ways could this spawn great ideas for even a couple extra movies) Now knowing from AVP 1 predators are the prime and only hunt in a max of three per squad so it is perfect for a third movie to base it off the support of a 3 predators coming to help aid the key resistance group to bring down the queen and give them the tech they need to win the war! (kinda like how independence day was played out). After the second was finished showing that humans are physically not able to overcome the Aliens and the Aliens having spawned off the three predators creating the new and improved race shown in AVPR this is when finally the battle heads to space showing an alliance between Predators and Humans not just trying to retake earth but to wipe the alien race from the galaxy! this could easily be made into a part 1 & 2 and with the greatness of the first two the third should have no problem spending the necessary costs to make the space battle AMAZING!!

  19. I really hope they go through with it I loved both movies. I’m more of a xeno fan though . Once just once I want to see the xenos to be the survivors. I say they make the setting on the planet that the 3 game took place. They should also put 6 in as the main alien. I just hope the 3rd movie becomes more than a rumor. Or they could put it on the ship where we last saw 6. Some people despise the idea of another movie I say deal with it. If they make a 3rd movie I will be the happiest person on earth assuming that it’s awesome. Aliens rule!

  20. Huge fan of both franchises. I had heard of an avp movie 10 or so years before the first one came out, so that was much anticipated for me. So when they finally came to the big screen, I was very disappointed. Need to look back at the first predator ( best movie ever) and the first two alien movies and combine the story lines. If they are having trouble coming up with a good story line, there were alien vs predator books that came out in the 90’s or better yet just ask the fans. Because I know damn well we could of come up with a better story line for the first those two!

  21. One last thing Dark Horse should not have AvP in there posetion they are the worst to make comics.I have to say if they go any farther they will ruin AvP and will be worst then that stupid STARSHIP TROOPERS movies.

  22. I played avp the video game read most of the comic books by DARK HORSE they werent that good the first film ok.But the second movie was tense but had no good story to it.So if they make another avp film it better have new species of aliens and predators also graphics and it better not be taking place on EARTH again.If they do make another AvP movie it better not have a let down ending like Hunger Games Catching Fire.




  24. They should make the other movie where the aliens take over part of the predators planet and the predators come to earth to take some humans back to help them in saving their planet

  25. I believe AVP open a whole new chapter with amazing potential.You can offer fans a reason to celebrate sooner than later.Imagine how it is to wait so long to watch a Predator movie or an Alien movie?With AVP we can have more movies between the space that needs to make a new Predator or Alien movie.We want more and you know it.But also we want more imagination,more action and of course more informations about the spieces.I think it took many years to show us some things about them and brake the mystery surround those creatures.Finally you did it with AVP.You can continue that and blow up us all!For example with a battle at Predators planet!It could be epic.Something like a final battle!But as we know that will never ends actually.You can always think something like Alien Ressuraction and rise up creatures and stories again.But a AVP The final battle in my opinion could be absolutely epic!

  26. This movie is very cool to watch this is the best movie me and my friends have seen I like the movie because the predators are good and bad bat I mostly like the aliens because they have cool armer like the qween alien she is so so so cool bat she died when the girl but the rope or something else and the big water tank whent down the big hole that why I love AVPR By santi thanks.

  27. Alien vs Predator 3 should not happen. It should be a reboot in the future. Ridley Scott shoud direct and James Cameron to produce with maybe some writers at dark horse comics to come up with a story. Though this will never happen because crossovers are made when 2 franchises are dying and hollywood tries to squeeze the last bit of cash out of them.

  28. Best and easiest way to take the story to next level is for the alien creatures to show up in secret on the predators planet and causes a war/battle in space based battle off Earth, and can be successful in the fact that it can be placed anywhere in time, from before Alien to after avp2. You can even put another humanoid species on the planet that the predators have for slaves or training younger predators.

  29. AVP was excellent. Requiem was a complete disaster. At the end of the day, there is a huge fan base here that is eagerly awaiting a good script, and more importantly, good fight scenes between Alien and Predator.

  30. I haven’t given too much thought but here goes off the top of my head.
    (Don’t want to add to the plot holes already within the series)

    100 years after the events in AVP2, Humans are running top level experiments within a secret base on the lunar surface, apart from the main colony. They have been experimenting with the left over Plasma Cannon and other future tech. Amongst the projects, geneticist pour over samples from Gunnison and the reason the moon base was constructed. An imprisoned Queen retrieved from the Antarctica, still frozen within the ice. The plasma testing alerts the Predator Homeworld their tech is in alien hands and dispatch a few predators to retrieve it. Their arrival and consequent mayhem awaken the Queen and all bets are off.
    You could add really cool Predator space suits.
    Show the beginnings of the Combat Synthetics.

    It’s not really easy to randomly put these two together unless you use the Pred’s Hunter aspect always wanting to hunt perfect game.
    You could do one on the Predator’s Hunting Planet, and have the Queen take it over threatening to engulf the outlying Pred systems. That has humans and other species you can throw into the mix. Or they could do one where Aliens just invade the Predator Planet.vvv

  31. i always loved watching the predator and alien movies. To be honest with you they are now predictable where by everyone knows what is going to happen before it happens. It would be good it you add a different alien in the moves. Why don’t they try adding like a prehistoric alien that got killed of years ago on their planet but without realizing the scientists resurrected it

  32. Fox just needs to take a leap and allow a GOOD director to be involved, a higher budget and give us the best damn AVP film we ever seen. Like most AVP fans, if my ideas were made into reality, people would love it.

    Also, if they can’t make a good story just base one off some of the dark horse comics, like what they should of.

  33. Maybe go from predators sort of where a queen ends up on a larger than the first predator planet underground somewhere hidden reproducing and waiting and then a massive war between the two somehow work around that where the predators stop going against the humans as the aliens are a bigger threat then who knows the outcome idk

  34. what does davis mean ”we’ve done all we can”? if the movie is set in space as the comic books were based on the comic series why don’t they just do it? it could be done for 30 mil totally badass, with today’s technology.

    the Afghanistan predator movie sounds awesome too great idea. and having the Americans and Taliban forced to unite to survive lol. you could create great dialogue between them as they bitch at each other and shit haha

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