Alien Covenant 2

Date Released: Unknown
Directed By:
Ridley Scott
Certificate: Unknown

Alien Covenant 2, or Alien Awakening, is the possible sequel to Alien Covenant and Prometheus. The script has already been written by John Logan and will presumably be directed by Ridley Scott.

Alien Covenant 2 Current Status

Ridley Scott said throughout production of Alien Covenant, that he had two more sequels planned, possibly a third as well. There is some confusion as to whether ‘Alien Awakening’ is the title of it. Scott has used the title in previous interviews but in others he also used it referring to Neill Blomkamp’s cancelled project. Scott said that the script for the next movie had already been written and in May 2017, he said they would begin shooting within 14 months and the movie would be out within a year and 9 months. After Alien Covenant was released, box office takings weren’t as high as expected and there were rumours that 20th Century Fox was ‘reassessing‘ the future of the Alien franchise. As of right now, any future movies in the Prometheus series are in limbo.

 Alien Covenant 2 Rumours

The Director of Alien Covenant 2

It seems more or less certain that Ridley Scott would return to direct again.

Alien Covenant 2 Cast

There have been no official announcements of returning cast members. It’s to be expected that Michael Fassbender would return to play David again given the way Alien Covenant ended. I would assume Katherine Waterston has to return too but again, there have been no announcements.

Alien Covenant 2 Storyline

The script has already been written by John Logan who did extensive rewrites to Alien Covenant’s script. Alien Covenant ended as David tricked Daniels into believing he was the other android Walter. As she entered hypersleep, David regurgitated two Facehugger embryos and stored them with the human embryos. In a separate feature on the Alien Covenant Blu-Ray set, it is revealed that David wanted to make a Queen Alien and was possibly going to use Daniels as the host. The second sequel that Ridley Scott had planned was going to loop back around to the original Alien, possibly with the crashed Derelict Spacecraft n LV-426. There were also some rumours that Daniels was going to be Ripley’s mother.

 Alien Covenant 2 Rumours

Ridley Scott spoke a little about the story for Alien Covenant 2 in June 2017 and said the Engineers would make an appearance.

“They’ll be three or four different players coming in to investigate. One of which will be the Engineers arriving back to find their planet decimated. I think those ships come and go on regular intervals. I see them as the gardeners of space. Where we go next is obvious. We’re gonna actually go to the planet. In so doing…I’m not going to tell you the story!

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  1. If the script writer and director had paid a fair share of attention to the minute details of various characters’ behaviour so that it would make better sense in days after the 2080’s, the films would warrant much greater appreciation. Instead of behaving like highly trained personnel, too frequently those characters are somewhat like pedestrians.

  2. I like these movies and I watch them once or twice again every year. That said, I can’t but raise one or two questions. It is towards the end of the 21st century and the human world has seen at least two world wars. How is it possible that some scientists, top professionals they should be, are so naive as to touch totally strange things on a planet they have never been to with their bare hands? I guess many of us won’t do that. In lots of quality toilets today, thanks to the presence of sensors,we don’t have to touch the water taps after answering our natural needs. How it is possible that when someone starts going out armed, a scientist would tell him that no weapons are needed because they are merely going out for scientific research. What convinces her that they would not meet hostile species at any point of time? Why would, on the other hand, once half sure that the air around is breathable, a scientist be so unprofessional as to exercise no measures of precaution, trying to breathe without any protective device upon setting foot on uncharted frontiers in outer space?

  3. Ridley Scott Hi I am looking forward to alien covenant 2 with the impatience of the alien series. I am expecting richer and cheerful minutes as a critic of the content of the film, I wish …

  4. The fact People “loved” covenant and its utterly awful plot hole filled corny script but hated Prometheus and its super lore filled well scripted plot is beyond me. i honestly hope RS has the balls to ignore those ppl and go back to making a deep interesting film. other wise let us know its going to be more like Covenant so ppl can save their money and wait for it to hit Amazon prime.

  5. Hi Ridley Scotts will be great if you join direction with french director Louis Besson he is great with his angulars cameras shoots remember Leon the professional action sequences Prometheous was outstanding the covenent no so as expected but the last one has to be high level trill and action with unexpecting ending

  6. Ripley and Shaw are mother and daugther bring back to life in Planet similar to earth but.. Their memories still David is the main enemy who destroyed. Part of enginieers and created a deadly colony of Aliens than. Shift form human to monsters the planet cannot be destroy from space desert and snow terrain the battle is intense into a maze between Aliens and Enginieers. But.. The final battle is in hands of Ripley and Shaw against both enginieers and Aliens

  7. The Enginieers are lost Monsters had killed every single one colonies the only hope is to join forces with shaw and. Ripley

  8. Hi Ridley Scott l got some draft story how to ending ALIEN with high level of suspense and terror Ripley and Shaw figure out are mother and daughter from recovered blood cell and a scann machine mapping back their bodies just part of my story are you interesting. Let me know

  9. I got some new view story of final movie for. ALIEN which is a high suspenful horror involve Ripley and Shaw they find out both are mother and daughter and the mission suicide and deadly

  10. i love these aliens movie but will they do alien awakening to disney or 20th century fox please need both alien 5 and alien awakening without cancel so then tron 3 to disney

  11. Hi Ridley Scott I know you going to make alien short film and are you going to make Alien Awakening ?
    Then are you going to make alien tv show on next year

  12. Premetheus, Alien Covenant, Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, Alien Awakening 2019 bring on the mayham. I love the action suspension.

  13. These Alien films have matured in a way I never thought I’d respond so positively too, and yet, I look forward to Alien covenant 2 far more so than I do a new Star Wars Movie. How good a character is David?!

  14. Since Space Jockeys are just big bald dudes and the origin of the xenomorphs are merely experiments of a malfunctioning android, I now just hope for the creature to become “cool” again.

    I mean, just get away from the fleshy space ant and return to the rather cunning biomechanoid. Make some alien queen body horror with Daniels, for all I care. Just don’t turn it into a Cameron action flick with Space Jockeys vs Marines vs Predators.

    By experience I’ll expect the worst, though. :(

  15. TBH even though this MAY be far fetched but I think those who are called “the engineers” in Alien/Prometheus etc. just may also be those who were called “predator” from the Predator movies which could either be “the engineers” or could be something “David” enginered that’s why we get the crossover in alien vs predator cause it all connects. Aren’t the “predators” the only ones who have the weapons capable of actually killing the aliens or stopping them just like David did in the movie Covent with the white flash of light? Or is it US who overcome and figure out how to actually beat “David” and his pets (keep in mind the so called “engineers” in Prometheus looks a lot like humans)

  16. I really hope whatever the next Alien movie is that someone else gets to direct it. I actually like Prometheus, but with Covenant I felt the apparent need to split the movie half and half between neomorphs and the xenomorphs really hurt it overall. I would have liked to see much more of the neomorphs, possibly with a horde of adults already existing somewhere nearby as David’s pets, with the xenomorph only showing up at the climax after they escape back to the Covenant. This also would have allowed for a more accurate portrayal of the xeno lifecycle, as the first guy that got facehugged could have escaped with everyone else and been the one to burst on the ship.

  17. I’m loving these movies, yeah its a lot of the same stuff in all of them but these latest alien movies are going in a good direction. When I read this idea: ” it is revealed that David wanted to make a Queen Alien and was possibly going to use Daniels as the host. The second sequel that Ridley Scott had planned was going to loop back around to the original Alien, possibly with the crashed Derelict Spacecraft n LV-426. There were also some rumours that Daniels was going to be Ripley’s mother” I got so excited. I and everyone else need to see how and why that alien ship crashed back on LV-426. Also would love to see a queen in these latest movies, so much awesome ideas.

  18. Honestly this is both hopeful and concerning:
    Hopeful that we’ll get a new alien film with an interesting story to play off of. Obviously this Protomorph or, “Xenomorph V2” as I like to call it, and the Neomorphs (Xenomorph V1) could get more screen time and fleshing out in the sequel as I would hope. Plus the Engineers getting more of a spotlight is obviously an absolute must.

    Concerning because the lack-luster quality of Alien Covanent, as well as the “over-hype” for it is what really killed the movie for me. Honestly it may have felt lack luster due to the high expectations from the media campaign’s over-hype. Personally I really liked the movie, but lots of mistakes were made both in plot, pacing, and leaving too much info out of the story.

    Hopefully Ridely (and/or whoever else they get on the project) can sort this situation out for the next prequel film(s). Personally I’m both excited and dreading the possibilities of what could come next. Does anyone else feel the same on that, or is it just me?

  19. Prometheus ended with lots of stories left untold. Alien Convenant still left out a bunch of untold mysteries. I guess the third one will be awesome. #Waiting…

  20. Can’t wait for the 3rd sequel, this should be exciting. The engineers are gonna be mad as hell, I see a war breaking out and David fighting them with his alien army. I hope earth and humans aren’t left out

  21. Prometheus was a great, great movie. The third needs to let go of the cheap horror and go back to the philosophy of what an “alien” really is. This is David’s story.

  22. in alien awakening,there will be a war between David’s army of xenos and engineers,this will be awesome.
    engineers come to their sacred place ,where David killed their people in that planet, definitely engineers will be furious with what David done and they will seek revenge for that.

  23. Aliens vs predators 3 the last war part 1(no part one up to you) but that would be a awsome movie the humans lose earth is destroyed
    Now let’s not get to far but then you can make another movie alien / predator revenge where the alien and predator work as a team to kill survivors the survivors try to save earth

  24. “The script has already been written by John Logan who did extensive rewrites to Alien Covenant’s script” – not very reassuring after what I have seen in Covenant.

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