Alien 3 Concept Art

This section features lots of concept art images from 1992’s Alien 3.

Miscellaneous Concept Art

H.R. Giger

Vincent Ward Script

The Vincent Ward script is a 1990 script draft for a potential sequel to Aliens and was written by Ward and John Fasano. It’s set on a monastery satellite called Arceon which is made of wood and is inhabited by a group of monks who reject all modern technology. A lot of Ward’s script was taken from David Twohy’s prison setting script which was previously rejected. The final Alien 3 film was a fusion between Twohy and Ward’s script.

Miscellaneous Concept Art

Steve Ellis

Mike Worrall

Lebbeus Woods

For a month or so in the summer of 1990, I was hired to work as a ‘conceptual architect’ on the movie project Alien III.

These drawings were made—in Hollywood and Pinewood Studios, England—for a movie that was never made. The movie called Alien3 that was made and seen around the world was conceived and directed by David Fincher, and is notable for it’s unremarkable sets and its unrelenting grimness. The movie I made designs for was directed by Vincent Ward, but ended in its early stages, when he left the project.

The story of the Ward movie was radically different, though it deployed the same basic characters, in that the setting was a religious colony that had escaped the earth and inhabited an abandoned commercial facility deep in space. They had adopted a Medieval way of life, without electricity or modern technology. The Ripley-Alien drama was to be played out inside this crumbling, artificial world. Under Ward’s direction, this would have become something highly original, a movie in which the architecture would have had a central part.



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