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Alien 3 Characters

Below you’ll find a list of the main Alien 3 characters along with a picture and description of their character.

Ripley (Played By Sigourney Weaver)
After her Emergency Escape Vehicle crashes on Fiorina 161, Ripley begins to show signs of alien implantation. She examines herself with the escape pod’s neuroscanner and discovers that she is carrying an alien Queen embryo. She finds the already grown alien and tries to goad it into killing her, but discovers that since she is carrying the embryo, the alien will protect her at all costs. The prisoners use this to their advantage by using Ripley to lure it into a lead mold.
Clemens (Played By Charles Dance)
Clemens is a former inmate at the Fiorina 161 Prison, where he served a seven year sentence for prescribing lethal doses of painkiller to eleven people while drunk and addicted to morphine. He knew he wouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine again anywhere else, so he stayed at the prison as Chief Medical Officer. At Ripley’s request, he performs an autopsy on Newt, thinking he is looking for a possible viral contagion when Ripley really wants to know if Newt was incubating an alien.
Andrews (Played By Brian Glover)
As superintendant of the Prison, Andrews is in charge of maintaining order. He, along with Dillon, performs the funeral service at the cremation of Newt and Corporal Hicks. When the prisoners begin to disappear, Ripley tells Andrews about the alien but he doesn’t believe her and confines her to the infirmary.

Aaron (Played By Ralph Brown)
Aaron is nearing the end of his rotation on Fury 161 when Ripley’s EEV crashes. When he first arrived at the prison, the prisoners peeked at his personnel file and found that he only has an IQ of 85 – hence his nickname, “85.” Aaron performs the neuroscan on Ripley in the EEV and discovers the embryo she’s carrying. When she asks him to tell the rescue ship not to come, he refuses. He argues that he has a wife and child back home and wants to wait it out until the rescue ship arrives.

Dillon (Played By Charles S. Dutton)
Dillon is sent to the Fiorina 161 Prison after being convicted of the rape and murder of numerous women. At Fiorina 161, he finds hope for redemption in God and soon becomes the religious leader for a group of criminals that have also found their faith.
Morse (Played By Daniel Webb)
Morse is the first prisoner to express his concern over Ripley’s arrival at the prison. He constantly butts heads with Aaron and makes wise-guy remarks about their situation.
Golic (Played By Paul McGann)
Golic is one of the first to see the alien and runs screaming when Boggs’ blood spills on him. He is found in this deranged state and brought to the infirmary in a straitjacket. No one believes his story about the alien and he is confined to the infirmary.
Boggs (Played By Leon Herbert)
Boggs, Rains and Golic are lighting candles in one of the compartments when the candles start going out one by one. When Rains disappears, Boggs goes with Golic to investigate.

Rains (Played By Christopher John Fields)
Rains goes with Boggs and Golic to light candles in a compartment. When the candles start to go out, Rains is the first to go to investigate the problem.

David (Played By Pete Postlethwaite)
David helps Ripley unload the drums filled with the accelerant they use to coat the ducts when they plan to burn the alien and trap it in the Toxic Waste Disposal. When that plan fails and they decide to trap it in the mold, David expresses his fears to Jude who tries to reassure him. He finds the alien on the ceiling and runs from it, and is lucky to have the door close just in time behind him.
Murphy (Played By Christopher Fairbank)
Murphy is one of the prisoners sent to check out the EEV wreckage. It is his dog Spike that is attacked by the facehugger, which then grows the alien that haunts the prison.
Kevin (Played By Philip Davis)
When the prisoners are in the tunnels trying to lure the alien into the lead mold, Kevin finds it eating someone and taunts it into chasing him. Later in the chase, the alien attacks him from the ceiling and Dillon comes to his rescue.
Gregor (Played By Peter Guinness)
In the tunnels during the chase, Gregor collides with Morse and they laugh about how they each thought the other was the alien.
Bishop (Played By Lance Henriksen)
When Bishop was reconnected to assist Ripley, some of his functionality as an android became apparaent. He tapped into the flight recorder, and determined what started the Sulaco to jettison its crew. When bishop realized that he would never be the best android agian, he asked Ripley, like an old friend, to disconnect him for good.
Bishop 2 (Played By Lance Henriksen)
Michael Bishop (the human?) designed Bishop (the Android), and was sent to show Ripley a friendly face from the Company.