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Updated: New Alien & Predator Offerings Coming from HalloweenCostumes.Com!

If you’re looking to dress up for the spooky season as your favorite slimy perfect organism or extraterrestrial hunter, you may want to check out the new Alien & Predator costumes from HalloweenCostumes.Com. Some of these are already in stock, but most of these exclusive mass market costumes and costume accessories are scheduled to come out later this year.

Among the offerings are a full body Xenomorph (with plus size option), Predator, Chestburster Victim, Xenomorph Adult Mask, and Facehugger Mask. There’s also a Flamethower Prop being shown off by someone in a Ripley Costume. There’s no listing at the moment for the Ripley Flight Suit featured in some of the images, but that’s likely to be coming as well.

I actually wore the Xenomorph costume for Halloween last fall, and found it to be comfortable and easy to put on.


Head on over to to check out more information, pictures, and videos of their lineup of Alien & Predator Costumes!

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Ripley’s Flight Suit has indeed been added:

 New Alien & Predator Offerings Coming from HalloweenCostumes.Com!


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  1. rockox
    Ripley's Flight Suit will be released August 20th, currently listed at $59.99 USD (or $81.99 CAD). "Here's your Halloween costume for the rest of your life, sweetie. You're welcome!"

    "And baby...IT HAS POCKETS."
  2. bobcunk
    Why do costumes allways look like crap, I've never seen a commercial Batman costume that looked good even the Adam West ones look bad. I've seen tons of home made costumes that look whg better that cost z fraction to make. I guarantee you can propebly find a real flight suit online that costs less than this digitally printed foam thing.
    I've honestly been underwhelmed with the cheap slapped together look Xenomorph Yautja Halloween costumes, I've come across, most of which are so rubbery, plastic, clothe, damageable material, poor proportions, poorly fits, lacking details, there no comparison to the quality detailed movie accurate cosplays that skilled fans have made some even on par with professionals. I'd rather save up and purchase the materials and produce a cosplay outfit that matches the film's aesthetic authentically.

    However the intent of a Halloween costume isn't to be objectively convincingly realistic but for the fun of it, so in that respect it's harmless.
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