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Neil Marshall Missed Out Directing 2010’s Predators

 Neil Marshall Missed Out Directing 2010's Predators

Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall, who directed the likes of Dog Soldiers and The Descent, almost directed 2010’s Predators. You may remember back in the 2000s, there were quite a few rumours that Neil Marshall was rumoured to be close to signing on to make Alien 5 and in 2009, it was reported that he was close to directing 2010’s Predators.

Until now, we never knew for sure. In a wide-ranging interview with Inverse, Marshall discusses his past films and the interviewer asked him about Predators. He says that he was indeed in the running for Predators and met with Robert Rodriguez. Marshall still says that he’d love to make an Alien or a Predator film in the future with a new story.

A film that Dog Soldiers shares a lot of DNA with is Predator, and you were close to directing Predators. What can you tell us about that process and would your take on the material have been much different?

As far as I’m aware, I got down to the last two directors. We were both invited separately to visit Texas and met with Robert Rodriguez. I saw his studio, went out for some barbecue, and he sounded me out. It was great but he hired the other guy; that’s the way it goes. I love the franchise, and I’d love to make a Predator movie sometime, the same way I’d like to do an Alien movie too. There’s a bunch of things I’d have done differently if I was directing Predators. All things considered, I’d rather start from scratch and do a fresh take on the Predator concept, rather than do anything that’s come before me.

Producer Robert Rodriguez ultimately chose Nimrod Antal to direct the film after seeing Antal’s previous films Kontroll and Vacancy. (You can read our 2019 interview with Nimrod Antal here). Marshall goes on to say where the Predator might end up next including World War 2 and Afghanistan which have long been rumoured for potential locations for a future Predator film.

I fully understand, and that’s why I liked Prey a lot. It’s almost like the creators finally realized you can drop the Predator into any time period or setting once there’s conflict and it will probably be cool.

Very much so. Could we do Predator on the beaches of Normandy? I’d love to see Predator in the desert. Put the Predator in Afghanistan or somewhere like that. That would be cool. Predators versus ninjas! That would do me.

I always loved The Descent and Dog Soldiers and I always thought Marshall would have done a great job at directing an Alien film, getting back to the horror of the series. What did you guys think of Marshall’s previous films? Would he have been a good choice at directing a film in either franchise?

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Comments: 34
    To me Neil Marshall's film DOOMSDAY (May 2008, 16 years ago - yikes!) was less of a movie and more of a demo reel for Marshall.

    He squandered the budget and tax breaks from the Scotland Tourist Board saying his film would boost Scottish tourism. Yet the scorching sun and road scenes, filmed in Spain, for the mad max/frankie goes to hollywood style music video segments obviously weren't scottish. A point his investors were quick to point out. This probably hurt his reputation more than anything.

    Shame as technically the film is brilliant and superior to 28 days later - for the zombie segment of DOOMSDAY of course.
    Not to harp too hard on Neil is it a matter of the filmmaker loosing their touch, less than a stellar output compared to their earlier efforts that lightning in a bottle that's hard to recapture or is more the fault that studio pressuring the filmmakers to comprise their vision watering done the project in a misguided attempt to reduce the movie as nothing more than a product and supposedly more accessible to consumers, we saw with Hellboy 2019 how Neil butted heads with producers.
  3. LastSonofKrypton
    It would be interesting to see his take on a Predator movie. Dog Soldiers borrows heavily from both franchises, and is a classic, and he has an eye for horror as shown in The Descent.

    Hopefully he gets a shot in the future

    I'd like to see a Predator Anthology, with a list of different directors, Marshall, Fuqua, maybe even a Predator on an English council estate directed by Shane Meadows
  4. Enjoy
    I was curious to know what he would have done different.  That would have been news if had shared those ideas. This story is over a decade old with very little new news. If he was Directing Bad Lands that would be news.
  5. D-13
    His latest movie sucked so bad, The Lair... I was shocked when I understood it was the same guy who made Descent and Dog Soldiers.
    It's sooo bad... can't recommend it. He is just not a good director, he got lucky with 2 pretty good movies.
    But I re-watched the Decent a while ago...and... mjeh, it hasen't aged well.
  6. Kemushi
    I've enjoyed some of his movies, but I've also seen The Lair. I think we'll be ok if he doesn't make an Alien movie.
  7. Jaws the Revenge
    Of Nimrod Antal was down to direct Prometheus when it was first announced as an A L I E N prequel.
    Neil Marshall has made some great films. And some not so great. It's a shame Dog Soldiers 2 : Fresh Meat was so close to being made. Put stuck in production hell. Talking of hell- Neil Marshalls Hellboy was imho unwatchable due to it having so much potential but just drowning in mediocrity. Sad.
  8. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: SiL on Jun 13, 2024, 11:32:40 PMDog Soldiers with Aliens in stead of werewolves would be a fantastic, simple action/horror entry.

    I always wanted to see Marshall take on Aliens after seeing Dog Soldiers. I always enjoyed The Descent too.

    Quote from: Darkness on Jun 13, 2024, 03:25:14 PM
    QuoteCould we do Predator on the beaches of Normandy? I'd love to see Predator in the desert. Put the Predator in Afghanistan or somewhere like that. That would be cool. Predators versus ninjas! That would do me.

    All ideas I've wanted to see done with the Predator too!
  9. Yuppers
    I like the fact that there was empathy towards characters that didn't have weaponry that matched the predator yet found themselves taking advantage of predators the moment they LEARNED something about them. STOP deleting good comments from me AVPGALAXY. you're so keen.
    Like Neil's movies and wondered what his shot at either would have been like. With the exception of Alien vs Predator there's yet to be a director that has done both an Alien and Predator movie, interview a while ago had Stephen Hopskins Director of Predator 2 being briefly considered to direct Alien³ but decided against feeling he'd been doing too many sequels. Wonder if either Dan Trachtenberg would accept taking on an Alien move or
    Fede Alverez doing a Predator film, he briefly mention being interested while question at the Q&A.
  11. Yuppers
    Drug lords in LA in Predator 2 couldn't even touch a predator but directors want preds fighting people with less fire power? sure. I'm sold.
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