Author Steve Perry Talks Origin of Predator Language & How To Correctly Pronouce Yautja!

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy recently had the pleasure and honour of sitting down with author Steve Perry to discuss his work adapting the original trilogy of Dark Horse and Mark Verhieden Alien comics into novels for this year’s Alien Day.

While this episode is primarily Alien focused – Steve will be joining us again soon to discuss Alien vs. Predator and Predator – we naturally couldn’t help talking a little about Predator and Steve discussed the origins of the Predator language and the correct way to pronounce Yautja!

“You’re gonna me this so I’m going to tell you now. It’s ya-oot-cha. That’s the way you pronounce it. Where that came from was when she [S.D Perry] started working with me, I gave her a book of Polynesia and Hawaiian language, a dictionary. And we took that and we went through there and picked out words we liked and we would alter them so they all had a certain sound. If you use a foreign language the words tend to sound alike, there’s a flow to it.

So we wanted to use something that was unusual and Hawaain doesn’t have a lot of constanants, it’s a lot of vowels. I couldn’t tell you exactly how we came up with it…she probably did. She was very good at that kind of stuff. She said “this is interesting, it’s a good word” and we looked at it and we thought “we like this.” They have to call themselves something. A lot of people just call themselves The People so that’s what we came up with.”

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