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New ‘What Happened?’ Video Details Development Challenges of Predator: Concrete Jungle

YouTuber Matt McMuscles, known for his ‘What Happened?’ (Wha Happun?) series chronicling troubled gaming and film projects, has just released a new video on the 2005 XBOX & PS2 title, Predator: Concrete Jungle.

Matt talked with Designers John Whiston, Kev Harrison and Tim Browne regarding development, and they shared some interesting insight into the changing structure of the game, inclusion of the Xenomorphs, and development ‘crunch’ to the finish line.

Check out the video below:

Matt has also done some other franchise gaming videos on games Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alien: Resurrection (PSX), and films The Predator & Alien 3.

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  1. dinosauriac
    The closest we ever got to the "open world Predator game" idea other than Concrete Jungle is honestly the Batman Akrham games, you could even string guys up in that (though not skin them, obviously)...

    Looking forward to watching this, What Happen is one of my favourite series lately. Unlike a lot of YouTubers who just recycle Wikipedia articles he actually does a fair bit of research for many of these. His video on Turok Evolution was incredible.
    Though it has its shortcomings, glitches cartoony components, but I have a soft for this game, such memories, getting to play as the Predator, stalking prey, taking trophies kicking ass.
  3. BigDaddyJohn
    This game was such an odd experience. So messy, so many problems... Yet so satisfying ! Playing a badass pred ripping people apart left and right, and fullfilling his quest of redemption was truly memorable.
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