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Alien: Isolation Lead AI Programmer Andy Bray Joins TerrorBytes Documentary Cast

As we wait for Alien Day 2024 for the release of CreatorVC’s “Aliens Expanded” documentary, the production company is hard at work on other documentaries, including a new five-part documentary series called “TerrorBytes” which is exploring the horror genre of video games.

And any documentary devoted to games that induce heart palpitations would be incomplete without featuring the fantastic Alien: Isolation! The team behind “TerrorBytes” have just announced that Andy Bray, the lead AI programmer responsible for “Alien: Isolation’s” Stompy is joining the cast.

“The lead AI programmer behind 2014 hit Alien: Isolation’s phenomenal xenomorph creature, which mercilessly hunts and stalks players throughout the game, has agreed to join the cast for the upcoming documentary series TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming.”

 Alien: Isolation Lead AI Programmer Andy Bray Joins TerrorBytes Documentary Cast

Andy Bray joins an already impressive cast including “Doom’s” John Romero, “Silent Hill’s” Akira Yamaoka, the co-directors of the recent huge success “Dead by Daylight,” and plenty more! If you’re interested in learning more about “TerrorBytes” or supporting the series, there are another 5 days of pre-sales left on the campaign! Head on over to to learn more!

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  1. dinosauriac
    Either the industry's got a little stale, or Isolation really was WAY ahead of the curve back then. It holds up incredibly well and does many things most modern games can't even manage.

    I guess it's fitting that both this documentary and the Perfect Organism companion book for Isolation are both coming out at the 10 year mark. Long Live Stompy!
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