New Predator Film Coming from Director Dan Trachtenberg! Currently Titled ‘Badlands’!

We have a new Predator film in the works from the director of 2022’s acclaimed ‘Prey’! Director Dan Trachtenberg will be bringing us a new movie in the Predator universe currently under the title of ‘Badlands.’ News of this project has just hit the movie news circuit after being posted by a name we’ve seen a lot with these updates, The Hollywood Reporter.

Trachtenberg will once again be teaming up with writer Patrick Aison to develop the story, with Aison writing the screenplay. According to them, this film will feature another female lead but won’t be a direct sequel to Prey, taking place in the future rather than the past and that filming may start as soon as this July!:

“Titled Badlands, the new Predator feature is not a sequel to Prey, which was set in 1719 and centered on a young Comanche woman forced to fight for survival against the intergalactic hunters, but rather a brand new story. Plot details are being kept secret but this one is said to be set sometime in the future. Like Prey, however, it too will feature a female lead.”

The ‘Feral’ Predator in the film ‘Prey’

The Hollywood Reporter also mentions this isn’t the only Predator project currently in the works. According to Deadline’s report on Predator: Badlands, a Prey 2 remains in development, with Amber Midthunder’s Naru likely to return!

Since that successful relaunch, 20th Century is looking to not just move forward with another film but expand on a universe with Trachtenberg spearheading it. Sources say while it is still in early development, a Prey 2 is still in the works that would return to the films original setting and with the films star, Amber Midthunder, potentially returning. Sources stress no talent is attached to that film but the interesting element is that even though there has been seven films featuring the infamous alien, there has never been an instance where the star of a previous film has returned to reprise their role.

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