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[Exclusive] Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Presents A Revised Shooting Script For Prey!

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy is able to exclusively share with the fandom a draft of the script for Dan Trachtenberg’s much loved recent Predator film, Prey! Dated August 3rd 2021, this draft by Patrick Aison, is a revised shooting script that is very close to the finished film and contains some of the cut scenes that we’ve heard about previously.

Filming of Prey began in May 2021, this script was one of several revisions done while filming was taking place. Some notable differences from the released film include:

  • The dialogue in the opening is different, with a larger focus around an antagonist relationship with Wasape, the son of the Chief, that was largely cut from the finished film.
  • The subplot with the Chief dying and choosing a replacement is present in this draft.
  • The auto aim of the Predator’s mask is not so heavily telegraphed or repeated.
  • All the French dialogue is translated.
  • Taabe is the younger brother.

 [Exclusive] Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Presents A Revised Shooting Script For Prey!

In addition to this first look at one of the drafts of Prey’s scripts, you can also check out scripts for the rest of the Alien and Predator films, including the first draft of Predator 2 which we recently shared for the first time ever for the fandom, in our Downloads section. Head on over and give them a read!

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  1. Mr.Turok
    You guys think of making a podcast review on the script? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    I'm working on a small post on my thoughts on it here myself. It had things that I wished Prey had like more character interactions between Naru and her tribe, but also didn't had things that Prey thankfully threw in like Feral hunting the local wildlife such as the Wolf and Bear fights. Feels like if they combined the positive aspects from this script to Prey, it would have been a much stronger movie.
  2. ralfy
    Could have come up with something better, e.g., instead of a Mary Sue, use a tribe and European settlers struggling together to stay alive as the Predator plays with them.
  3. Mr.Turok
    Ohhhh can't wait to read! Is this draft the one before the final draft or like an much earlier one?

    Edit: Oh it kind of is, I somehow missed that part in the description.

    A few pages in and I kind of wish we had more character development and interactions like in this draft for the final film. Enjoyed the interaction between the characters in the first few pages, tho I can see why they kind of cut some of the parts here because it kind of made Naru look a bit sour in the beginning. Other than that, I enjoyed the flow of dialogue. While I know the film centers around Naru, kind of wish it also didn't neglect interaction with the people too.
  4. Corporal Hicks
    Looks like there's a format snaffu I need to fix when I get home. Will re-upload again in an hour or so.

    Ah, not that bad, actually. These were the spaces I'd preserved from the original script with revision pages and etc.
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