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Aliens: Dark Descent Major Patch Released

Aliens: Dark Descent, the new real-time tactics game from Tindalos and Focus Entertainment, has been out a bit over a week so far. The game has received mixed to positive reception and we are currently working on our own reviews (written and video) for the game. Some players and reviews have noted some technical issues with the game, which hopefully the first major patch for the game should remedy.

 Aliens: Dark Descent Major Patch Released

Patch 1.03 is currently available for download on PC, with a console release of the patch still in the works. The patch was detailed on the game’s Steam Community hub. The details are mainly bug fixes but the post also mentions the possibility of future tweaks and options to make the challenging game more accessible.

The notes are quite extensive and you can view them below:

Dear Weyland-Yutani Shareholders,

First of all, we apologize for the delay in releasing the patch notes. The board of directors had to scrupulously review the report.

The R&D department at Tindalos Interactive has been diligently working on “Building Better Games” with our latest project, Aliens: Dark Descent.

In pursuit of excellence, we’re set to roll out our first major patch, meticulously crafted based on community feedback. This patch marks a significant leap in our constant drive to refine, balance, and achieve the perfect gaming organism.

With a mix of enhancements, balancing tweaks, and fixes, expect a more immersive descent into the alien world. This isn’t just an update; it’s a testament to our commitment to you, our esteemed shareholders.

Here’s a reminder of the topics for the general assembly regarding the next patch:

  • Add the possibility to skip the prologue
  • Introduce an option to make the campaign deathclock obsolete
  • Implement an autosave feature when quitting the Otago
  • And many more…

Please remember that profits should remain our primary consideration for the sake of the project’s development. So, keep supporting us by giving the game a thumbs up.


Romain Clavier
Deputy Administrator,
Weyland-Yutani Corporation

Bug fixes
  • Fix of an error preventing the player to unlock the Olduvai Refinery (Mission 11) when finishing Pryce of Deception (Mission 10). If your progress is currently blocked you can redeploy to Pryce of Deception and directly extract to unlock the Mission 11.
  • Heavily wounded marine are now saved when extracting after the defense phase at the end of Harper’s Hell (Mission 3)
  • Prevent a bug allowing the player to complete the objective “Shutdown vent fans” before unlocking it during the mission Pryce of Deception (Mission 10)
  • Veterinarian McNeil no longer disappear when dropped on the ground in the mines of Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • Civilians no longer disappear when dropped on the ground of a lift
  • Civilians dropped on the floor are still considered as part of the squad
  • Fix the Massive Onslaught directly stopping after it starts
    Improvement of several issues blocking the dialogs and preventing the player from progressing further
  • Add a protection that will teleport your marines, drones, civilians near their current position if they are stuck in the environment
  • Brawler personality trait is now working properly
  • General improvement of the stability when using a gamepad (Crash/navigation/usability)
  • Prevent a crash from happening on the Welcome screen
  • Fix a crash that could happen when eggs were opening to release facehuggers
  • Prevent a crash caused by the Alien AI
  • Fix an issue where a marines enduring a Facehugger’s embrace during recover from ragdoll doesn’t block his skills and movements
  • Reselecting an objective no longer makes it disappear on the top left corner of your tactical view
  • Fix an issue where in McNeil’s lab, looting the datapad right after the sentry gun might result in a blocker
  • Fix an issue endlessly blocking the marine in an interaction when using the flashlight
  • Add of several safeguards preventing aliens to be stuck in patrol
  • Fix of the lift floor interaction first button focus by default (only on mouse/keyboard)
  • Fix of a crash when loading the autosave of the Runner’s introduction cinematic
  • The alien will always attack Maeko if she gets detected in the Otago (Mission 9)
  • Humanoids will always spawn during the tutorial “Cover” in Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2)
  • Fix of the crash occuring when repairing a Sentry in front of the Queen’s room of the Tantalus Base (Mission 8)
  • Bleeding timer is now correctly stopped during a scripted sequence
  • Placing a sentry at the start of the basement -2 of Atmospheric Nightmare (Mission 6) no longer kill the scripted aliens which was resulting in a blocker
  • You can no longer be blocked using the incinerator unit during Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2)
  • Repaired synthetic can now fire with a pistol
  • Fix of a potential crash when loading an autosave during a Massive Onslaught
  • Fix a blocker that was happening when spamming A + RB during the first deployment tutorial
  • To avoid a potential blocker, you can no longer take lift while the ARC tutorial is ongoing during Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • Potential fix of a crash that was occuring when opening a datapad while watching a camera feed
  • The days are now displayed in the PCU list instead of the traumas’ name
  • Marines no longer get stuck when taking damage during recover from a ragdoll
  • Fix pathfinding issue when taking the elevator from the 2nd floor to 1st floor in Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2) creating a blocker
  • Fix a potential blocker when loading an autosave occuring while a scripted sequence is ongoing
  • Fix an issue where the player was not allowed to use the middle elevator after the APC tutorial in Dead Hills (mission 1)
  • Add auto saves during the power loader sequence in Olduvai (mission 11)
  • Fix an issue that can prevent the mine objective to trigger in Dead Hills (mission 1)
  • Fix the Keller objectives in Nuclear Protocole (mission 5)
  • Fix the Anand objectives in Nuclear Protocole (mission 5)
  • Lot of display improvements and fixes on the UI during mission and the Otago
  • Fix marine upgrade visual sometime disappearing after purchase
  • Fix a problem with the lifts where the player had to get out of the lift to trigger it again
  • Fix a crash that could occurs when taking a lift with a left behind drone
  • Players now get the proper outcome for not saving the survivors in Olduvaï (Mission 11)
  • Fix an issue that make the skills unusable if in the drone menu when all tecker dies
  • Fix an issue where using the Overloaded Plasma Beam to an Alien performing a special attack could sometimes freezes the game
  • Fix a crash in Berkley’s Dock (mission 2) that could occur when taking the elevator from the second floor
  • Synth recovered during mission are now properly converted into enginer when getting back in the Otago
  • Fix many issues when taking the lift to Montero (mission 7)
  • Fix the event “sabotage of the Otago’s generator” so it could not be repeated indifinitly
  • Retribution can now be used in every condition (not blocked while a marine is under Suppresive Fire)
  • Reprimand can now be used in every condition (not blocked while a marine is under Suppresive Fire)
  • The loading bar will now correctly appear above the Sentry when upgrading it
  • Removal of the Kill Objective Icon displayed outside of the map at the beginning of the Tantalus Base mission (Mission 8)
  • Aliens should not longer die in T pose
  • Fire now destroy the eggs as expected
  • Marines secured inside the ARC/APC can no longer be killed or take any stress damage by any way
  • Fix an issue preventing you to brake the weld in Atmospheric Nightmare (Mission 6)
  • Removal of the indestructible door in Atmospheric Nightmare (Mission 6)
  • General improvement of the colliders in every missions
  • Removal of a flying object in Atmospheric Nightmare (Mission 6)
  • The cursor is no longer invisible when opening the ESC menu during an interlude
  • Aliens are now able to breach all breachable doors
  • ARC/APC are no longer blocked by a dead marine
  • Fix an issue that was changing the colorimetry when opening the Inspect Squad while checking a camera
  • Graphical improvement of Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2)
  • Fix a door that was not updating its colors properly when unlocked
  • Fix gamepad issue during the tutorial of the Deployable Motion Tracker on Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • Changing the shortcut of the Deployable Motion Tracker no longer blocks the tutorial of the skill
  • The game could crash under specific conditions when doing the tutorial “Cover” in Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2)
  • A marine could get stuck between a cover and an ammocrate near the moutain door of the Tantalus Base mission (Mission 8)
  • Fix of an icon clipping on a title on the mission report Statistics panel
  • Fix texture error on minimap
  • Fix an issue preventing all Command Points from being restored if you heal the stress effect disobediant in the process
  • Fix a bug preventing all the sentries to be picked up to obtain the maximum amount
  • Fix of the attribute Encouraging speech healing the right stress value only the first time a Rest was done (now heals every time)
  • Fix of door where the marine was playing the animation in reverse in Pioneer Station (Mission 5)
  • The event “Mental Breakdown” will now apply the right amount of trauma points when acquired
  • The turret of the ARC will now correctly rotate while on waiting on a waypoint position
  • The VFX of the ARC firing will now correctly appear while on waiting on a waypoint position
  • Fix of the animations while interacting with terminals on the Security floor in Pryce of Deception (Mission 10)
  • Fix of sound not playing while many sounds are played simultaneously
  • Dockers are now visible even after loading the related autosave during the Docker’s Reveal cinematic in Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2)
  • Fix of the objective indicator position for the related “Kill Squad” objective in the Office level of Pryce of Deception (Mission 10)
  • Fix the size of the shelter tooltip on the map
  • Dead marines and drones don’t give vision anymore
  • Marines can now walk in the fire area if they are stuck inside one
    Between Atmospheric Nightmare (Mission 6) and Berkley’s Dock The Montero (Mission 7) the highlight of the Medbay button will be correctly displayed
  • During the misison report the tooltip of trauma acquired by marines will now be correctly displayed
  • You can no longer skip the Hangar sequence during the Otago mission (Mission 9)
  • Floors of locations are only displayed relatively to the campaign’s progression
  • The cursor will keep its current position on the welcome screen
  • Dead synths will no longer talk
  • Fix of a room name not displayed on the right floor on Tantalus Base (Mission 8)
  • Marine’s models will no longer reset when cancelling a marine promotion
  • The spawn point of the final mission are no longer revealed after the first scripted sequence of the mission (Mission 12)
  • Fix of the camera misplaced when entering the mines after taking the elevator during Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • Object icons are no longer reveal on the map after a scripted sequence
  • Fix of the covers in the warehouse in Pryce of Deception (Mission 10)
  • You can no longer save and kill the same survivor in Atmospheric Nightmare’s secondary objective (Mission 6)
  • Tooltips are now correctly displayed when navigating with the gamepad on the marine panel
  • Fire now works properly on every enemies
  • The UI is no longer displayed during the chestbuster skin scripted sequence of Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • The UI is no longer displayed during the Queen scripted sequence of Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • The UI is no longer displayed during the first scripted sequence of Olduvai Mine (Mission 11)
  • A marine about the enter the powerloader or ordered to carry is no longer eligible to perform interactions
  • A carried marine no longer stays attached to the carrier after a save load even when crouching
  • Fix an issue when promoting a marine and using a controller
  • The mine floor is no longer displayed on the sectormap in Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • The motion tracker no longer works on the basement -2 floor of the Olduvai Mine mission (Mission 11)
  • Fix of the legend of the map to add the terminals unlocked
  • Fix of an entry point disappearing after going into the deployment selection
  • There is no longer a lost signal on the motion tracker if the player goes back from basement -2 to basement -1 in Olduvai Mine (Mission 11)
  • Removal of the timer displayed next to “interfering signal” in the basement -2 in Olduvai Mine (Mission 11)
  • Maeko now have a FX when using a welder in the Otago mission (Mission 9)
  • Revealing a corrupted floor on the sector map won’t cost any tools when using a gamepad
  • Fix of the camera rotation not stopping during the Queen scripted sequence in Olduvai Mine mission (Mission 11)
  • Fix of the camera during the scripted sequence at the start of the second floor of the Refinery mission (Mission 3)
  • Fix of the camera misplaced when entering the Montero after taking the elevator during Berkley’s Dock (Mission 7)
  • You can no longer select the continue button multiple times during the warning message
  • The Cheyenne can no longer pass through the floor during the cutscene at the end of the Prologue
  • Fix an animation issue that was occuring when a marine is interupted when getting in the Powerloader
  • The Codex categories new entry marker will now be correctly removed when all the new entries are checked
  • Enemies dots on the map no longer have different sizes
  • Aliens are no longer affected by other Aliens crowd control effects to avoid potential alien getting stuck in the environment creating a blocker
  • Aliens are no longer attracted by an abducted marine
  • Tactical GUI no longer stays displayed while opening the map
  • Stasis tutorial in the warehouse of Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2) now have enough cover space for the squad and followers
  • Civilians now have unique customization
  • Fix of a flying crate in the Otago Hangar during the mission launch
  • Loading or leaving the game when a marine is abducted no longer unlocked the related achievement
  • The GUI is now correctly updating when switching from keyboard to controller on the map
  • The text “The squad is in the search area” is now correctly displayed when the squad is effectively in the search area
  • The two Basement -1 floors of the Olduvai Mine (Mission 11) are now distinguished as B-1A/B-1B
  • Drake’s datapad informations are correctly updated in the choice if you have recovered the related datapads
  • Fix sound issues when opening the ESC menu
  • ARC/APC no longer pushes marines who are in coma
  • Loading an autosave with a sergeant that has the backpack upgrade will no longer put a command point on cooldown
  • Various text overlap fixes across various menus
  • The lift leading to the Montero from Berkley’s Dock (Mission 7) now correctly display floor -2 instead of floor 0
  • General improvement of the secondary mission of Montero from Berkley’s Dock (Mission 7) requiring the player to check several datapads
  • ARC/APC will no longer push marines that are in a coma and on their path and will simply roll over them
  • Map will no longer blink when opening/closing fast a camera feed
  • Lighting improvement on Olduvai (mission 11)
  • Fix an issue where one of the marine during the final Olduvaï defense phase could be stuck
  • Add a video on ambush codex entry
  • Fix fog of war issues on Olduvai (mission 11)
  • Fix culling issues on some assets of the final mission
  • Fix some clipping issues
  • Fix an issue where the lift door stay closed after the defense phase in Berkley’s Dock (M2)
  • Fix an issue than could occurs when spam clicking during multiple level promotion
  • Fix camera orientation issues during scripted events in Olduvai (mission 11)
  • Marlow’s blood in the final mission is now white : )
  • Fix an in game animation when saving Stern
  • Fix some minor tactical drone issues
  • Fix an issue where the dialogue icon could not be removed properly
  • Fix some shelters that did not triggered properly in Berckley’s Dock (Mission 2)
  • Fix distorted texture in the building on the ground floor of Extraction (Mission 8)
  • Fix a UI animation in the save menu
  • Fix a visual issue where some collider could be visible
  • Fog of war is now properly rendered in the prologue
  • Fix the ARC starting position in Otago last stand (mission 4) that could cause some bugs
  • Fix the position of a crate in Olduvai (mission 11)
  • Fix Aliens reaction to fire
  • Shortcuts for drone skills are now properly working
  • Now marine can’t run when using overchaged plasma skill
  • Fix an issue where mines did not trigger properly
  • It is now possible to reload a secondary weapon
  • The “kill that bastard” icone is now removed properly on dead eggs
  • Fix some issues with the oil puddle interaction
  • The ARC now corectly rotate its barrel to aim at the aliens during defense phase of Harper’s Hell (mission 3)
  • Fix some animations during the Otago cutscenes
  • Fix an issue where Alien could ignore Maeko after using Chemical tracker in Facing the beast (mission 9)
  • The flare icon is now correctly remove from eggs that are already opened.
  • Fix barks spamming when time is dilated
  • Update of the localization (add of new elements and improvement of existing ones)
  • Update of the stress effects tooltip and related Codex entries to match the effect
  • Update of the description of the weapons statistics to match the proper Ammo per Burst for each weapon
  • Update of the Tired tooltip to match the effect
  • Update of the values in the tooltip description (upgrade, traits, traumas, Codex assistant)
  • Fix of format of the XP gain in the Training Room (no longer display 1-1XP)
  • Fix of typo error in the Otago events descriptions (Abandoned Lab / Salvage Operation)
  • Update of the Precision Shot tooltip description to match its true damages
  • Add of the shotgun stun information on the Codex Assistant Titan entry
  • Improvement of the Codex Assistant (fix typo issues and overall improvement of the descriptions)
  • Fix of the Codex entry Workshop to display the right amount magazines value for the Smartgun and the Heavy Pulse Rifle
  • Fix of the Codex entry Workshop to display the right Material cost value for the Plasma Rifle
  • Improvement of the Facehugger Codex Assistant entry
  • The “Security Pass” is now localized
  • The “Power Core” is now localized
  • Fix of the Mind of Steel attribute description to match the effect
  • Fix of the Credits
  • Torrance name will now use all available alphabets
  • Interactions tooltip will no longer display cost when they cost 0 supplies
  • Update of the customization name limitation in several language to avoid too long names
  • Precision on several attributes and upgrades that their effects are not cumulative
  • On the loading menu the difficulty Easy is now correctly displayed as Story
  • Workshop weapons description has been fixed and improved
  • s for second is now correctly translated in all languages
  • Fix of an error message in russian not dispalyed correcly “Pick up Sentry”
  • Fix of the weapon panel translation in every languages
  • In the loading panel the Otago mission (Mission 9) is now correctly translated in every languages
Balancing :
  • Aliens will now only detect you faster if you are close to the source of the noise you’ve made (instead of all the time)
  • Few covers were disabled in Atmospheric Nightmare (Mission 6°)
  • Drastically increase the humanoids respawn timer in M2, M3, M7 and M10
  • The power loader phase of Olduvai Main Mine (Mission 11) is now an infinite onslaught
  • Suppression of various shelter position across various locations (M1, M3, M7, M10, M11)
  • The power loader phase of Tantalus Base (Mission 8) is now an infinite onslaught
  • Crushers during the final defense of the Olduvai Mine (Mission 11) are dispatched through every available spawn points
New content
  • Addition of 5 new traumas to add more diversity :
    – Hypochondriac
    – Hematophobia
    – Anthrophobia
    – Obsessive-Compulsive
    – Xenomorphobia


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Comments: 22
  1. Kimarhi
    It does seem to be pretty hit or miss.  I didn't really have gamebreaking ones until my first playthrough on Pharos, where it wouldn't load the next mission even though it finished everything else. 

    I had the x button not work, and randomly one of my medics died leaving me without a live one for the rest of the game (which ever level you go to the frozen cultist base and everything is all explodey at the end).  But he died sometimes after boarding the elevator, and sometime before the end of mission cutscene.  Which was annoying. 
  2. BenditlikeBeckum
    Thats too bad. My game has been running buttery smooth since launch and exceptionally smooth when i bought a 12gb video card from Nvidia,before having an 8gb rx480 radeon. I guess it pays off in mental health to invest in premo hardware lest id be here scolding the gods to fix their broken ass game as most playstation players on the basemodel are doing on steam forums daily.
  3. Jonesy Not Expendable
    I've actually ran into more bugs since the patch. Some have been minor while others are near game breaking.

    Datapad glitch is preventing a secondary objective on nuclear protocol. I'm currently at pharos and only missing this one.

    The bridge has also lowered locking me out of the other objective.

    No saves outside of main objective completions on the montero.

    The elevator wouldn't activate on tantalus. I had to redo the mission multiple times hoping one would work.

    I know there's two more game breaking bugs in later missions and I seem to be hitting every one 😑

    This playthrough was started after the patch.
  4. Kimarhi
    I had to quit a game earlier yesterday because I went into the menu and the x confirmation button wasn't working.  I closed out and it started working again, thankfully after I just saved, but it is annoying. 

    It has so far run better on the second playthrough after the most recent patch better than it did before this patch.  But still I know you can't duplicate every glitch with limited amounts of playtesters just because you can't get all the variations a player will come across out of a gamer base that big, but still the game was ALMOST broken upon release (I had the pharros spire bug where I couldn't advance where it tells you to go to the top levels, even though you've been to the highest levels for Pryce).  That stuff needed to be way more polished. 
  5. Kailem
    Not a bad idea. It's apparently working a bit better than it was at least, but it still has some pretty big issues. At a certain point on mission 7 it just wouldn't let me save anymore when making shelters, and it's still crashed a couple of times on me post-patch.

    It's a good game but the technical problems are definitely its biggest drawback right now.
  6. Kimarhi
    I could finally continue thanks to the patch. 

    My only other look at thing I'd like them to consider is of the maps that you have explored on the big map, there should be a way to look at the big map and use it to send your squad somewhere.  Sometimes like the first cave level in dead hills, it is hard to find out where exactly you need to go to from the regular perspective. 

    I realize you don't want to make the game to easy by just sending them into the fog of war places, but places you've already explored you should be able to send on the main map. 

    Unless there is a way to do this and I missed it.  Because again, I never look at the tutorials, I just frickin wing it baby. 
  7. Nukiemorph
    X button stops working on the Otago, L1 and R1 buttons not working on the skill menu. These are driving me nuts, but they're well-known and I expect the patch to fix them.

    But on my final night of playing before putting it down, I had a marine go into a coma. Almost every time I ordered a marine to pick up a drone gun, heal another marine, or hack a door, it would assign the duty to the unconscious marine... and of course he would just lay there. So I had to keep cancelling the action and moving my marines around until one of the conscious marines would be in the right place to get the assignment. Really slowed me down in a tense situation.
  8. yuppy
    I'd be interested in AVPGALAXY's Corp. Hicks, Adam Z., Xenomorphine on their holistic review of this game! I mean there are elements to this game I think historically that you guys could draw on to, from failed games, to ACM and AFTE, all of which can be comparable but ultimately  we see ADD take it to a whole new level! 
    I hope to see maybe a PC to playstation comparison and exactly where the limitations are if any. Controller vs k/m.
    The Story is something I would love to hear about how you guys see it. Are there easter eggs to novels?
    I'm sure its too early as about almost 8% so far made it mission 10.
  9. S.E.B.
    I wish there was a mode or add-on that makes your marines weaker to damage caused by xenomorphs and that your marines get abducted more often and harder to rescue as this mode would have FRIENDLY FIRE (i.e. your marines always take 50% from the damage hailing from stray bullets, incinerator flames, shotgun blasts, phased plasma projectiles, and explosions caused by your marines. The exception to applies to Recon marines as they're better marksmen and thus only cause 25% in friendly fire damage, not counting explosions) - you'll probably hit your abducted marine, as well as showering him/her in acid blood if you shoot at the xenomorph carrying him/her away.
  10. Kimarhi
    The obvious solution here would be to not play a new game plus.

    These kinds of things take me out of the games story.  So ol boys flew across the galaxy to lethe, get shot down, have what looks to be a company size element of Marines going by the way they are structuring squads and the size of the hypersleep bay, and somehow the ONLY Marines fit for combat duty are the most basic privates that have to attain experience points by going on life and death missions to unlock ammo and gear pouches, and know that their ship has extended magazines for them to use.

    Weirder still is that they gain all this experience as riflemen and THEN change classes to something they have no experience in.  It makes okay sense as a gameplay mechanic, but no sense storyline wise. 

    The deathclock is a story element, not a gameplay one, so it doesn't bother me.   

    Just having your Marines start out as someone with experience who survived the crash is better.  You've already earned your stripes on the initial playthrough.


  11. Predatorium
    I think playing early missions with a fully upgraded squad is gonna make the game too easy and the core thrill of an aliens experience goes out the window. Same thing with the death clock if they add an option to disable that. You're supposed to feel the clock ticking down to certain doom. "How long until it blows up?" "4 hours"
  12. Kimarhi
    There are things that are definitely frustrating.  I made it all the way through a level once, got on the elevator with a full squad, and then found out during the AAR that my last Medic inexplicably died even though two seconds before he was perfectly fine.   

    They will also have to work in a new game plus even if they go old skool and don't let you cross over Marines and Skills to a new difficulty like modern games do.  Spending all that time developing Marines only not be able to use them in the early missions on another playthrough is a bummer.   
  13. Simply_Kevin
    I played the game for a couple of hours on launch and even though I didn't have any problems, it felt like it was going to get heavily patched soon after so I followed closely people's experience with the game on reddit and decided to wait a few weeks. It's quite common these days so I'm used to adding a few weeks to a game's launch as to determine when I'm actually going to start playing it. It's for the best. I'll probably give it another go this weekend.
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