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Noah Hawley Wants to “Remystify” The Alien, Hints At Potential Second Season

While introducing a showing of Alien at the Austin Film Society in early April, Noah Hawley also spoke a little about his upcoming Alien series being produced for FX. As he started to introduce the original film, Noah explainied one of his aims for the new series – to bring some mystery back to the franchise and H.R Giger’s iconic creature.

“When FX asked me if I was interested in adapting what is now a franchise, but for me was always this film, I had to think about what it was about the movie that inspired originally and would I be able to create that for an audience. Of course, you can only see Alien for the first time once and there’s something so unpredictable to the creature at the heart of it, and so disturbing about it, that after 6 movies you think “well, maybe there’s no mystery left to it.” What’s interesting to me is to try to remystify the franchise. The creature, the story, for a modern audience in the way that my 15-year-old won’t think is slow, is the requirement. “

“What’s interesting to me is to try to remystify the franchise. The creature, the story.”

Hawley also discussed working with Sir Ridley Scott, who is also serving as executive producer for the series, describing the original Alien’s director as someone who “works harder than you” while emphasizing his age and Scott’s recent work.

“It’s really one of the joys of my careers that I get to spend time with and interact with the filmmakers who inspired me, like the Cohen Brothers or Ridley.”

Hawley also said that the Alien series would likely be releasing “towards the end of” 2024. He confirmed that filming begins this summer and that the series will be 8 hours long. Or more specifically, he says the “first year” will be 8 hours long, teasing at the chance of a second season. You can watch the complete introduction below!


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