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Galo Olivares Joins Alien: Romulus As Cinematographer!

According to an IMDB update, and corroborated by The Ronin, cinematographer Galo Olivares will be working alongside writer/director Fede Alvarez on the upcoming Alien: Romulus! It appears that this latest instalment of the Alien franchise will be the first collaboration between Alvarez and Olivares, but the cinematographer has experience in the horror genre, having worked alongside Oz Perkins on 2020’s Grim Fairy Tale adaptation Gretel & Hansel.

While Gretel & Hansel wasn’t favourably received from a narrative point-of-view, it was well regarded for its visuals. The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Sheck remarked that “Gretel & Hansel may alienate some horror movie fans with its extremely leisurely pacing and emphasis on atmosphere and mood rather than visceral shocks. But while the film certainly demands patience, it provides ample rewards with its lush stylization.” You can find more examples of his work on Galo Olivares’website!

Information on Fede Alvarez’s Alien: Romulus is a little on the sparse side at the minute, but we’re keeping a close eye out! Filming apparently began in Budapest earlier this month on the 8th of February, following a 2-day delay.

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