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Marvel’s New Alien Series Begins April With New Creative Team

With Marvel’s third Alien storyline set to conclude at the start of February with the 6th issue of Alien: Icarus, the April 2023 solicitations have now revealed that Marvel are relaunching the Alien series with a brand new creative team! Writer Declan Shalvey will be taking over from Phillip Kennedy Johnson who has written all three of Marvel’s previous Alien arcs, and Andrea Broccardo will be taking on artistic duties.

Scientist Batya Zahn will do just about anything to get her family off the icy moon where they’ve been conducting research on water conservation. But there’s more than glacial springs to find in this forgotten corner of the galaxy. When they discover an extraordinary organism buried in the ice, it won’t take long for tensions to heat up. What is hidden in the snow comes forth in the thaw…and no one will be welcoming this spring. A new era of Alien starts here!

 Marvel's New Alien Series Begins April With New Creative Team

Cover art by DIKE Ruan.

While he’s now writing for Marvel, Declan Shalvey has worked with Marvel previously as an illustrator having worked on Thunderbolts, Deadpool and Moonknight. He’s also no stranger to horror comics, having illustrated 28 Day Laters for BOOM! studios. Declan’s previous writing credits are for Savage Town and Bog Bodies, two crime comics published by Image.

Andrea Broccardo has also worked with Marvel before, providing the illustrative talents for several of Marvel’s Star Wars projects including their main Star Wars series, as well as Age of Rebellion, Doctor Aphra and Poe Dameron.

Marvel’s third Alien series, Alien: Icarus, is set to finish its run on the 8th of February. The first issue of this new Alien series will debut on Alien Day, April 26th 2023. Thanks to Chieftain Suom and TilotnyWorshiper28 for the heads up!

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Comments: 11
  1. Xiggz456
    Really excited about this! Guessing the actual release date will be 4/22 to line up with Alien Day/week. Good idea to get a new arc started that week with all the Alien buzz (or should I say hisss lol)
  2. Engineer
    GOTG as in Guardians of the Galaxy??

    If so, personally, I'm really against the crossovers... I'd prefer they keep alien separate from all their other properties. But I wouldn't be shocked to see crossovers eventually. They (dark horse and DC) did it with Batman, Superman, green lantern and a number of others...
  3. Richman678
    I don't know about you guys but i would love to see a GOTG comic with the alien in it. I don't want a deep dive into the alien's origins. I think it works better as a mystery. More like a "omg this thing is true evil, we need to focus on it"
  4. Engineer

    About god damn time! Best news I've heard since Larroca departed the franchise!

    I'll buy the comic when the new writer's story arc hits. Worth giving it a try again with someone new giving it a go now... 

    crossing my fingers this guy turns out to be an improvement over PKJ.
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