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Amber Midthunder Talks Possible Prey Sequel!

With Prey being a massive success for the Predator franchise and the film being on quite a few lists of the best movies of 2022, questions of a potential sequel are to be expected. While there has never been a direct sequel to a Predator film, there were plans for them for both Predators and The Predator which ultimately never came to fruition. If there is to be a direct sequel to Prey, it would be another first for the franchise. 

Prey star Amber Midthunder was recently speaking with press outlet Variety on the carpet for the BAFTA Tea Party, and was asked about a potential sequel. Midthunder expressed enthusiasm for reprising her role and hinted that discussions regarding the possibility have been had.


“I mean, I don’t have a date for you. This is not an announcement, but I’m not saying it’s not. We talk all the time about all kinds of things and that was probably one. I’m ready. I loved that experience. I love that movie, and I would be happy to see where else we can take it”.

During the rest of the interview, Midthunder reflected on the reception to Prey, how it reached wide audience appeal and how meaningful the role of Naru was to her for indigenous representation.

Prey recently had two nominations for the Critic’s Choice Awards. Amber Midthunder was nominated for Best Actress in a Movie Made for Television, and Prey was nominated for Best Movie Made for Television. Unfortunately Prey didn’t take home the awards.

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  1. bobcunk
    Quote from: Mr.Turok on Jan 30, 2023, 06:08:13 AM
    Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on Jan 28, 2023, 04:10:11 AM
    Quote from: Jason Todd Voorhees on Jan 26, 2023, 10:57:44 PMInteresting...I wonder what the title would be lol.

    Pray ADI comes back with a better design²

    Edit: Don't hate me ;D👉👈 🙈

    I really hope they don't have that broken mandible look on Greyback. Imagine ruining that good looking mug from Predator 2.  :'(
    I think they would try to make him look the same, besides the mandibles not moving the same as Stan Winston's Predators I haven't really had a problem with ADI's effect work, I thought they where great on Alien resurrection and even though people hated the newborn (I liked it) It was good from an effects only standpoint. I Like its design even though it was just a slimy tailless Pumpkinhead with a vaginis.
  2. SiL
    Friday the 13th threw a recurring protagonist in at the 4th entry (Tommy Jarvis, 4-6), so it's not even unprecedented to switch from connected-but-individual entries to direct sequels late in a franchise's history.
  3. Corporal Hicks
    Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean we shouldn't have any. I've also been a bit disappointed we never got a continuation of Predators, or that we didn't see Harrigan or Dutch return (it's why I was so excited for his return in Hunting Grounds). I'd be quite happy to see a continuation of Prey.

    But I wouldn't turn my nose up at Dan doing something entirely new as well.
  4. Mr.Turok
    Honestly, if anyone doesn't want direct sequels, there shouldn't be any open ended endings or anything like that at all because you know people will want more and you'll never hear the end of it  :laugh:
  5. PVC
    Hi.  No please no sequel. Yes it's definitely time to move on from that timeline. Please no more crap like that. Please after all this time, I would like to see a reel predator like it was in the good old time when reel directors made reel good movies   Again , please ; no sequel to this movie. Thanks not to make it. Thank you very much to forget it.
  6. SuperiorIronman
    One place you could go with any sequel is the death of her brother haunting her and her realizing there's more. That Naru would become far more protective given the threat they face. And that would be in addition to her new role where she's expected to hunt and fight. And that could lead to conflict, she knows how a Predator operates, so her not fighting back to let it ignore them makes sense. However to those who feel superior or just don't know she might come off as cowardly.

    That could then lead to Greyback as given when the ships show up, Greyback probably arrived shortly thereafter. Greyback to parallel Naru might be new to the role himself as Elder. And he's probably seen his fair share of hunters die young which is also something you can illustrate with Feral. Given how shortly the ships arrive after Feral's death, Grayback might take the death similar to how Naru did for Tabbe. We have seen Wolf mourn Bull, but Grayback might've actually known Feral. I could imagine Grayback would be looking for whatever Naru took from Feral's body and be out for revenge. Ultimately I could see the two parting ways amicably because they not only have to survive but both would be going through similar journeys at this point in their lives. They'd see a lot of themselves in each other and go the unusual route of gaining mutual respect (respect since I don't see the movies killing a protagonist and Grayback has to survive).

    I'd be fine with her fate being ambiguous for a sequel. Not open ended, but that whether Grayback killed her or not would allow Naru to take on a mythology and play with the EU a bit since she could become an in-universe legend allowing her some influence beyond her character's lifespan.
  7. Mr.Turok
    Quote from: Cougerboy on Jan 21, 2023, 01:37:58 AMThe key is how they will explore the Naru character further. In some sense, her character arc was complete in Prey. So how they will continue with the Naru character would be an interesting challenge. And obviously, as mentioned already here, the storyline will have to feature Greyback somehow.
    I would love to see her character development as an experienced hunter showing her tribe the ropes of new fighting and hunting tactics. Also, I wanted to see some more interesting character relationships with future new characters, have some fun chemistry ya know? Also feeling the loss of a her brother haunting her, wondering how things might be different and how that will affect her decision making in protecting her tribe, seeing that she is the new War Chief after all. Also, I think being hunted by a alien from outerspace would kind of mess with her mind a bit, ya know? There are ways to go about it and I hope it's more complex, which the sequel should no longer fear after keeping it pure and simple, it can take two steps forward into something new.
  8. Cougerboy
    The key is how they will explore the Naru character further. In some sense, her character arc was complete in Prey. So how they will continue with the Naru character would be an interesting challenge. And obviously, as mentioned already here, the storyline will have to feature Greyback somehow.
  9. GreybackElder
    I loved Prey. I felt that Amber and the rest of the cast were amazing and did the Predator justice. I'm all for a Prey sequel, just not exactly centered around Naru. I'd love LOVE to see a samurai piece. Perhaps start with Nauru's tribe then shift focus to feudal Japan. The samurai were prominent from 1100s to the 1800s. "It can be done!"
  10. Mr.Turok
    Quote from: Master Chief on Jan 17, 2023, 08:23:58 PMThey should've handled that at the end of Prey.  She could've said "take it".
    Issue is that Greyback knows how to speak that phrase in english while Naru speaks Comanche throughout the film (its only in english for convenience sake, remember?)

    So going with that, unless they pull a universal translator on us as The Predator did to my ire, must have been a point in time where she learned it from an englishman or another european person that can speak english and said it to Greyback in at least one encounter. Its all guesswork here to be honest, so I have no idea how much water my thought bucket is actually holding here.
    Though it'd be curious if they explored the set up of the Elder Predator GreyBack's encounter with Naru obtaining Raphael's flintlock filling the back story of Predator 2 but annoyingly its more than likely it'll fall into development hell before they decide to REBOOT AGAIN, which would be a shame since how much a success Prey was. It'd be neat to return with Naru in another entry since the Predator movies for the most part never follow the same protagonist in the sequel, the movies are episodic in nature (though AvP Requiem technically payed off the PredAlien set up at the end of the previous film).
    But I'd be up for a follow up to Prey or even other various historically set genre bending Predator projects, here's to a hopeful future.
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