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Fede Álvarez’s Alien: Romulus (Working Title) to Start Principal Photography in Feburary 2023!

With news of the next Alien film’s existence coming to us back in March from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems as though things are just about ready to kick into high gear! And now, according to a Film & Television Industry Alliance (FTIA) Production listing, Alien: Romulus will begin filming Feburary 6th, 2023, something first shared by the Budapest Reporter earlier this month!

The working title of Alien: Romulus is a name that has been floating around online since November. Budapest Reporter’s news piece also says it’s likely that filming will be taking place at Origo Studios in Budapest, where a number of prominent sci-fi films such as The Martian, Blade Runner 2049, and Dune (2021) have been shot.

 Fede Álvarez's Alien: Romulus (Working Title) to Start Principal Photography in Feburary 2023!

The folks over at Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast, who have been in contact with director Fede Álvarez also previously posted that a round of filming had already begun in Australia as far back as September, and to our knowledge they were also the first to mention the location of Origo Studios last month.

Actor Cailee Spaeny, who was announced last month by Deadline to be in talks for the lead role, recently posted a piece of H.R. Giger artwork to her Instagram, and is currently the only cast member on the production listing here. It seems safe to assume she got her part in the film secured!

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  1. RidgeTop
    Apparently filming starts March 9th now, according to The Wrap and Deadline. I figured there might've been a slight delay with all these casting reveals and no info leaking from the set. Even Prey which was very tight on the leaks had a few here and there.
  2. Nightmare Asylum
    If they're going to be using this tech here, hopefully it is used well enough that it looks a bit more The Batman and a bit less Thor: Love and Thunder.

    I know this deleted moment from Dune was shot using that screen, but (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think anything that actually made it into the film was.

    The Mandalorian has been pretty hit or miss with its use of the Volume. Sometimes you get really great visuals there as a result but I also often feel a bit disconnect between the subject in the foreground and the digital wall backdrop, likely because of how harshly the main subject has to be lit in the foreground.
  3. Gimitko
    Found an audition for Romulus on Vimeo, spoilers ahead:

    The audition is for Bjorn, it also reveals characters Rain (gender unclear) who considers an android named Andy their brother, because Andy belonged to Rains father. Bjorn doesnt buy Andys personhood and connection to Rain, calling Andy "WY damaged goods your dad used to own". Bjorns dad is also dying from a disease "everyone is dying" from and some hailstorm is related to that but I dont fully understand whats being said. Gonna leave the rest to you.
  4. Nightmare Asylum
    Quote from: David on Feb 15, 2023, 05:16:33 PMDo you think the movie is actually shooting now?

    If this local crew account is to be believed, yes.

    QuoteGood news for Alien fans! 👾 Today, with two day delay, today's started the shooting of Alien: Romulus (working title) in Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺 The movie is directed by Fede Alvarez #alien #alienmovie #newmovie #budapest #hungary

    QuoteDuring the new Alien movie's filming, remember how are made the VFX effects in Alien: Covenant 👾 #alien #alienmovie #newmovie #budapest #hungary

    The account also posted this odd fanmade teaser for some reason... Anyone know the source of this thing?

    QuoteHard work 😓 nonstop shooting of Alien: Romulus in Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺 the first week always is the hardest and with almost no sleeping time 👾 #alien #alienmovie #newmovie #budapest #hungary

    EDIT: Found the original upload of the fanmade teaser:

    But anyways, yeah, if that guy's account is to be believed, it seems like production is indeed underway, and has been for a week now.
  5. Mike’s Monsters
    Yeah, lots of movies film without announcement or set photos.

    A different country and culture, but the new Japanese Godzilla movie has been in post production for a while now, with a release in November of this year. Not a set photo or leak has been revealed officially. There's some rumblings and rumors, but everything is tight lipped.

    That's the best way to do it in my opinion. Makes the actual viewing of the film more rewarding when you don't know the plot, designs or what's coming. Kinda like how it used to be before the internet days. Though speculating on all the bits we get is always fun too.
  6. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Feb 09, 2023, 12:59:14 PMI forget, was anything formally announced when Prey started shooting? I wasn't following that one nearly as closely as I am Romulus, but I seem to recall most information regarding production crew, additional casting, etc. spilling out on Instagram over the course of the shoot.

    No, we didn't really get anything to announce shooting. It was a very quiet production, and I was expecting the same for Romulus. Seems like the Hulu productions just aren't going to make as much noise for us all to discuss.

    Quote from: Whos_Nick on Feb 09, 2023, 10:38:34 PMSuch a shame Alien and Predator going straight to Hulu they deserve theatrical

    As long as they're as good as Prey was, I don't mind as much. I'd prefer they get up on the big screen, but as long as they're quality in the end, that's fine by me.
  7. Nightmare Asylum
    I forget, was anything formally announced when Prey started shooting? I wasn't following that one nearly as closely as I am Romulus, but I seem to recall most information regarding production crew, additional casting, etc. spilling out on Instagram over the course of the shoot.

    I think we might have known Amber Midthunder and that's about it when production started, which is about on par with this. Cailee Spaeny's name was officially in the trades a couple months back.

    Only time will really tell, of course, but it seems like these Hulu originals do shoot a bit under the radar, at least in comparison to other films coming from 20th Century Studios that are aiming for a wider, theatrical release.
  8. Immortan Jonesy
    This is the delicious stage where speculations begin based on the material they are releasing! Long gone are the days of wild traffic in the lead up to AVP Requiem's release, as was the enthusiasm for Scott's then mysterious 'not so prequel' prequel. ;D👉👈

    I'm still looking forward to it! I love being a fan of Alien / Predator.👏8)
  9. Preydator
    Even though we have no idea how good or bad the final product will be, it's always so exciting when a new Alien/Predator project starts production.

    Can't wait to hear and see more of it!
  10. Nightmare Asylum
    Quote from: hoffmanstokes on Dec 30, 2022, 07:33:43 AMthe movie title will be:
    Alien: Renaissance

    No idea where this is stemming from, can't find anything anywhere referring to it as "Renaissance," but if there's any inkling of truth here, there's some potential for thematic overlap with "Romulus," what with the Renaissance period's revival of certain ideas/concepts from the ancient Rome that Romulus had supposedly founded.

    Maybe we might be seeing extraterrestrial sites (or, perhaps, human sites) built atop the ruins of far more ancient extraterrestrial sites from a long-past era, perhaps?
  11. Gimitko
    I talked to someone subscribed, but the Alien post in particular is for higher tier members, which is weird because none of his other scoops are. Must be really hot stuff lol. The info will probably be revealed elsewhere soon.
    I was so bummed and put off by Covenant that I've sort of ignored this franchise for a few years now. I did the same thing after Resurrection. I REALLY hope they can sort of return this franchise to what it was with Alien and Aliens. I'm interested to see what comes of this.
  13. lipstick2void
    "Romulus is the outer and larger moon of the main-belt asteroid 87 Sylvia. It follows an almost-circular and close-to-equatorial orbit around the asteroid. In this respect it is similar to the other Sylvian moon Remus."

  14. lipstick2void
    Scott's paws were on 2049 and that turned out beautifully (his visual grammar is everywhere in it). It's down to the scripting.
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