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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Soundtrack by Austin Wintory is Finally Released!

More than a year after the launch of the video game Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the musical score from composer Austin Wintory has finally seen a standalone release. 

The soundtrack is available for purchase as MP3s via Amazon, and can also be listened to on Apple Music and Spotify

Here’s the soundtrack artwork, full track list, and track lengths:

 Aliens: Fireteam Elite Soundtrack by Austin Wintory is Finally Released!

1. Into the Hive 1:51
2. In the Pipe 1:58
3. Priority One 1:57
4. Hoenikker 3:30
5. Extract 3:59
6. UAS Endeavor 1:54
7. Giants in the Earth 6:43
8. Air Support 3:03
9. Left Upwell 2:19
10. Contact 4:15
11. SN/TH/YA 3:34
12. The Gift of Fire 3:33
13. Advance 2:35
14. Derelict 1:08
15. Boarding 4:26
16. Not a Simple Bug Hunt 1:37
17. The Only Way to Be Sure 3:36
18. Search 3:18
19. Regicide 5:34
20. We Understand Little 4:15
21. Rapid Uncontrollable Mutation 3:40
22. Seismic Tremors 3:59
23. Exceeding Recommended Safety Limits 5:11
24. Left Upwell (Ina Almacen Remix) 3:15
Total Album Time: 81:10

We quite liked Austin Wintory’s composition for Aliens: Fireteam Elite. In our review we said:

“Straight from the opening menu we’re treated to a demonstration of Austin Wintory’s brilliant Alien/s-esque pieces that just feel right at home in the Alien series. The first and fourth campaign feature some orchestral and some very high tempo pieces that feel perfect alongside Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner.”

Unfortunately there still hasn’t been a CD or Vinyl physical release announced. 

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