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Disney Not Interested In Returning to Ripley’s Storyline

In 2020, we learned that long-time Alien series producers Walter Hill and David Giler wrote a recent treatment for a potential Alien 5 which they had sent to Sigourney Weaver. While Sigourney had seemed unsure about the prospect of returning to the character, or that Sir Ridley Scott would be either, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via Joblo) Walter Hill states that Disney has no interest in exploring the character of Ripley any further.

“We took a shot at that a couple of years back with Sigourney. But that was back when Aliens was still at Fox. The people at Disney, who now control Aliens, have expressed no interest in going down that road. I had an idea for a good story with the Ripley character and Sigourney.”

 Disney Not Interested In Returning to Ripley's Storyline

Walter Hill and David Giler at the premiere of Alien 3.

We actually know very little of what Walter Hill and David Giler’s treatment was about, with only the title page of the treatment having been shared by the writer-producers. The title page featured 2 quotes: One from Edgar Allan Poe regarding dreams, and another from William Tecumseh Sherman that simply states “war is hell.” Dreams are also mentioned at the top of the title page, with a play on the famous Alien tagline, that “in space no one can you dream.”

 Disney Not Interested In Returning to Ripley's StorylineWith this prevalence of dreams being mentioned, is it possible that we would have seen them used a major tool in the treatment? The news that Disney is not interested in continuing the storyline of Ellen Ripley may come as a relief to those fans who think the franchise has become over-reliant on that name.

And while Disney may not want to see Ripley return, the Alien itself is making a return in Fede Alvarez’s upcoming Alien film, which is currently in development. Thanks to Nukiemorph for the link.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: skhellter on Sep 21, 2022, 05:24:08 PM(Avpg could've bought it, btw... you guys really gotta keep an eye out for rare production materials...) 

    this was the site where it went up

    To be fair, I do regularly check London Prop Store, but in all honesty I've never really delved into the world of auction for this kind of thing. I'd assume it'd be well out of my price range but I would have at least entertained the idea.
  2. skhellter
    Quote from: Whiskeybrewer on Sep 21, 2022, 03:30:59 PMI still want to see the next draft of the Ward version and the Seven Dwarfs one lol

    It exists. It's the 1990 draft of Alien3 by Larry Ferguson. The last known draft made for Vincent Ward's version of Alien3.
    It's just as insane as advertised. Was sold a few years back at a studio auction.
    New owner of the sold draft isn't interested in scanning. (also would be hard to scan without damaging the copy).

    (Avpg could've bought it, btw... you guys really gotta keep an eye out for rare production materials...) 

    this was the site where it went up
  3. razeak
    Quote from: SiL on Sep 06, 2022, 01:09:38 AMYeah they only produced two classic movies and saved the original from Roger Corman.

    Oh my LOL. Yeah, I should clarify. You're right. I think they have steered it downhill big time SINCE Alien and Aliens. Yeah, they helped knock the series out of the park. They also helped knock it off the rails. They absolutely deserve praise and criticism equally.
  4. OpenMaw
    Renny Harlin wanted to take it to Earth. Which they kinda went "Yeah! ... No!"

    Then he wanted to go to the Alien Homeworld.

    Either one would probably work okay for the end of the trilogy, but... eh.

    I don't think we would have gotten anything much better than what we got. Unless Gibson got a crack at a third draft and iterated refinements in that in the same direction he was going with draft 2. Draft 2 is my favorite Alien 3 script.
  5. skhellter
    alien3 is the perfect example of a very good filmmaker and committed cast and crew elevating the f**k out of a mediocre script.

    Fincher wrings every page for all possible available drama.

    If anyone else had directed it, no one would be talking about it still.

    ...Imagine Renny Harlin handling this material.
  6. OpenMaw
    Quote from: BigDaddyJohn on Sep 13, 2022, 03:39:44 PMWhen it spawns such a great movie, I'm all for it.

    I can't argue with that. Though Alien 3 is like Schrodinger's movie. Did Golic release the alien? Was it captured? Dog or Ox? Where did that one bald british bloke actually die?

    Speaks to the brilliant direction of David Fincher that the movie still has so many great moments even with the myriad of problems.

    Quote from: Kradan on Sep 13, 2022, 05:56:14 AMNothing wrong about some lovecraftian horror in an Alien movie

    Oh I agree. I'm all for that.

    I just don't think it should be from the result of not knowing what to do with a scene so you just put some stuff in there and hope it sorts itself out.

  7. OpenMaw
    Watching Disney wobble around with the Star Wars franchise has certainly been amusing. Oversaturation of the market with shows, films, etc... I had to laugh.

    Thus far we have, as far as I know, just the one movie under Disney's belt. Prey. By all accounts (I haven't seen it yet), it's done a damn sight better than The Predator did, and comparatively with the other half of this franchise, better than Prometheus and Covenant did for the Alien series.

    So, Disney is off to the right start. I haven't cared much for some of the details i've heard about the upcoming Alien series, but, well... We'll see what happens. I hope it will be amazing... and that would be two for two under Disney's reign.

    As to the topic at hand. Ripley shouldn't have made it beyond Alien 3. For all its flaws the final ten minutes of that movie are absolutely solid and end the series the best way I think they could have. No need to go back to the well.
  8. Inverse Effect
    Spite what Disney said about that they wont be Disneyfying Star Wars and Marvel they've done just that. Now they'll bastardize Alien Franchise turn it into a kids medium and we will be seeing fortnight skins and Mobile Games with cute little aliens and chibbi marines for kids to play.

    I do whole heartedly blame Fox in the long run though, they really mishandled this franchise going into the 2000s. So it's no surprise they got bought out by Disney of all companies. Really makes that joke in Alien Resurrection even more funnier when the doctor said Weyland was bought out by Walmart in the future haha. 
  9. Bendortheconqueror
    Well, thank God. I wouldn't want to see another attempt to re-animate Ripley. I know people love to give Alien3 a lot of crap, but in my opinion it was the only legit ending for the character. Alien Resurrection was a dumb cash-grab and any "let's ignore Alien3" direct sequel to Aliens, would be another proof of lack of creativity.
    I think there is enough or even more potential for interesting stories in the Alien-universe without Ripley.
  10. Corporal Hicks
    I'm far more interested in continuing Ripley 8's story. I'd like to explore more of her connection to the Alien. I think it'd open more avenues for some really interesting story explorations.
  11. Nightmare Asylum
    Quote from: Ahsoka on Sep 08, 2022, 04:34:33 AMToo bad, I wish they would continue post-Alien 4 with Ripley :(

    If not, then what's stopping them to make it in another media like comics or a game?

    Back in the DH Press days they did a novel called Original Sin that follows Ripey 8 and the Betty survivors in the aftermath of Resurrection, and deals with (a pre-Prometheus/Engineers interpretation of) the Space Jockies.

    There's also the Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator crossover comic which, for some reason, decided to tether itself into a post-Resurrection timeframe and feature Ripley 8. :laugh:

    I am shocked that the haven't gotten anything really alluding to Ripley 8 in the modern era of expanded universe material, however. There is one post-Resurrection set novel that I'm aware of, but I think it's more interested in reestablishing Weyland-Yutani and bringing the setting back to the old status quo than it is in actually following on from any threads from Resurrection, from what I've heard.
  12. Ahsoka
    Too bad, I wish they would continue post-Alien 4 with Ripley :(

    If not, then what's stopping them to make it in another media like comics or a game?

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