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Cast and Crew Share Behind-the-Scenes Looks at Prey!

It’s time for those juicy behind-the-scenes stills! With Prey’s release on the 5th of August, the cast and crew have been taking to various social media outlets to share their pictures taken on during their time on the set of Prey.

Tymon Carter, who portrayed Huupi, shared the following to his Instagram account.

I didn’t know what to expect when I auditioned for this role and got the part along side some of the best human beings I’ve ever worked with. It was an honour to represent the Comanche Nation in this film! Learning the different words in Nʉmʉnʉ was so interesting. I’m really proud of everyone that took part in making this story come to life on the big screen. @dannytrs did an outstanding job and deserves a ton of credit for this amazing film. I hope you all enjoy!

297860923_5512014778862375_184043410969541672_n (Tymon Carter)297328999_406529728128186_8078617165312552973_n (Tymon Carter)297400278_1415382805636689_5007047450319882743_n297763384_557944189370562_4012312763373885798_n

Next up we have Nelson H Leis, who portrayed the French Trapper known as Waxed Mustache, who posted quite a few pictures of himself and his fellow French Trappers on the set of Prey along with Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers.


And now for no other than Raphael Adolini himself, Bennett Taylor!

This was me last summer and my pal Predator. They’re very friendly once you get to know them. Also so very fun to hunt with because they have all the latest gear the 1710’s have to offer! But be careful because if they step on you it may hurt and they might mistake you for a booby trap and spear you with their very long arm-swords. 


These next pictures are from Jennifer Boudreau who appears to have been a stand-in for Amber Midthunder!

297449462_436108725130186_4973255256565619182_n (Jennifer Boudreau)297714927_759538108427362_2941218986925857707_n297741333_604032328003852_4046303991359314141_n297783154_542302590981701_7336857475345874019_n298212243_1471131436691921_6509554503515302569_n

And lastly we have an assortment of pictures from various sources, all of which are noted in the captions!

 (Ryan Weisen) (Ryan Weisen)

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