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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Composer Sarah Schachner Is Scoring Prey!

Sarah Schachner, the composer behind several of the latest Assassin’s Creed video games including the latest Valhalla, has announced that she scored the soundtrack for Dan Trachtenberg’s upcoming Predator film, Prey!

 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Composer Sarah Schachner Is Scoring Prey!

In addition to her work on the Assassin’s Creed series, Sarah Schachner is known for her work on other major video game franchises, including Anthem and Call of Duty. Her discography also includes films such as The Lazarus Effect and Remains. Thanks to Mikey for the news!

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  1. Wysps
    Quote from: GreybackElder on Jun 17, 2022, 10:02:30 PMI mean, I've never really been into Predator because of the music. Don't get me wrong, I love the main theme of predator and predator 2 and hopefully we get a call back to one of those themes an I'll be happy. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by the score.
    Yeah, I don't have a strong opinion either way (unless they're temp scoring from non-Predator films).  I'd guess that the themes for this movie would be different; perhaps more Native American inspired with winds and soft percussive sounds.  Something more evocative of the Plains. 
  2. Lord Gideon
    Sarah is a brilliant composer. First came across her work in Modern Warfare 2019. Can't believe I'm going to be able to watch this in Comanche with her score. I am too excited for this film. Congrats to the whole team!
  3. GreybackElder
    I mean, I've never really been into Predator because of the music. Don't get me wrong, I love the main theme of predator and predator 2 and hopefully we get a call back to one of those themes an I'll be happy. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by the score.
  4. Mr.Turok
    I enjoyed AC Origin's soundtrack so I think she got this down.
    I'm hoping to forgoe the original Predator theme for a new unique theme like we seen in Predator 2. Lot of mixed urban/tribal themes that perfectly mixed with the new setting of the film and I'm hoping to see the same thought of mixing the current setting with the Predator's tribal theme in the soundtrack.
  5. RoguePred1987
    Being set before the original film, she doesn't necessarily have to feel beholden to the previous themes, although she could do the prequel thing and introduce fragments and seeds of those pieces. Listening to some of her other work there can be almost a dreamlike quality at times and a clear atmosphere presented. She should do great, I can't wait to listen. I think scores tend to come out a week or two before the film and track listings before that.
  6. Kailem
    I always knew Alan Silvestri was a long shot, but I also really liked what other composers of Predator movies like Brian Tyler, John Debney, Henry Jackman etc. did with the scores for their respective films. I've played some of the games Sarah Schachner has worked on, but mostly so long ago that I can't recall anything of their music.

    Regardless, here's hoping she's done a good job on this and we're in for another great Predator score!

    I also hope they don't end up going "full Mandalorian/Obi-Wan" and completely ditching any and all existing themes (with one or two exceptions) in favour of 100% new stuff. I totally get why The Mandalorian went that route, and for the vast majority of the time it was absolutely the right choice, but watching Obi-Wan has definitely made me think "are we really not going to use that certain theme here? Really?"

    So fingers crossed we get some new stuff that's evocative of the classic Predator scores of the past while also not overdoing it, maybe working up to only one or two uses of the main theme at key moments that have been built to after not having hear it at any point throughout the rest of the film.

    Either way, like the rest of the film itself, I'm looking forward to it!
  7. SiL
    What does the context have to do with the quality of the music itself?

    A great piece of music playing over an inappropriate scene makes the scene bad, not the music.
  8. RidgeTop
    The companies certainly have massive issues, but that wasn't really part of what I was judging here. Both titles are highly reviewed & considered fan favorites in their series.

  9. BlueMarsalis79
    All high production certainly, but the videogames themselves she's worked on have no soul to me, certainly that's not her fault but it means I find it difficult judging the scores themselves in quality.
  10. RidgeTop
    Way stoked about this actually. Some big composers in films like Michael Giacchino got their start in games. You also see the reverse happening with some big Hollywood composers moving into games.

    I only played a bit of Valhalla but I played all of Origins which she scored as well. Both games had excellent music. Also Modern Warfare 2019 which is another high production score.

    Sarah Schachner's mentor was Brian Tyler, who scored AVPR. Say what you will about that one, it had a good score.

    This performance at the Game Awards for Anthem a few years back was quite good. She scored the game but she's performing on the vocal modulation here:

  11. Spooky artist
    Again I was hoping silvestri to come back but after listening to her work I'm generally curious to what her version of the predator theme would be
  12. Doomofman
    Not aware of her stuff. Did the Modern Warfare (the newer one) and Assassins Creed Valhalla soundtracks

    From a quick listen to some of her Valhalla stuff, it's getting me a little excited. Has me imagining a score that's like Last of the Mohicans (which has a great score btw). Funny I hadn't really considered what the score might sound like until now, I certainly don't think something in the style of Predator would work
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