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Predator 2: The Audio Drama Remake – Fan Production

Following on from his audio drama remake of the original Predator at the end of 2020, Anarchist86ed is back with a new take on Predator 2!

 Predator 2: The Audio Drama Remake - Fan Production

Unfortunately, Anarchist86ed  is having issues with a YouTube upload of the audio drama, but the MP3 version is currently available to download!

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  1. Anarchist86ed
    I guess I'll do some fun behind the scene stuff. Well, not really fun.

    Originally the person who played Dillon in Predator was going to do Harrigan and Dillon again, replacing Keyes in Predator 2. But it was too much for him to handle and backed out. Chase stepped in and recorded all of Harrigan in about a day as a temporary fix till I could recast, but in the end he did such a great job that I kept his work and while I wanted someone to sound like Danny Glover, I wised up and realized I already had the perfect voice and I didn't have to stick to making anything perfect. When crunch time hit and I needed a ton more lines he stepped up and got them done for me. I didn't dare ask him to do more that I needed, like more Jamaicans or background screaming cops during the shootout or the OWLF guys getting annihilated. By the end I was just sick of it and didn't bother putting in screams for the OWLF guys anyway.

    When Harrigan meets Keyes, the Captain starts to say "Agent George Dillon" but since Dillon wasn't in it anymore, I simply interrupted him saying Dillon, which was also a knock back from his "don't interrupt me" which he said to Harrigan just before.

    In Predator and Predator 2 there are only 2 references to indicate they take place in modern times. In Predator it was "pronoun in their profile soy boys" In Predator 2 Tony Pope mentions the LAPD has been defunded. Predator takes place in 2020, Predator 2 takes place in 2030.

    Much had to be cut to keep it flowing and not drag on forever. The funeral replaced the scene with the want some candy kid. Lambert's death was cut way down. Rather than having the Predator fix its stumpy arm, I just had him jump into the sewer and head back to his ship that way. I cut out the "Mexicans" arming up and went right to Harrigan blasting down the pendejos, you only need the later scene anyway. I cut out Ramon Vega and his girl and just had Chase do Gold Tooth's dialogue. I also didn't bother to do any dialogue for Ramon, nor did I bother with the girl. They weren't important and it was another thing that would have just dragged it down. Though dialogue discussing the girl was recorded, it wasn't used.  You couldn't see the trophies in the Predator ship, so there was no point in doing it.

    I used and AI to extract "take care" from movie audio, cutting out the background music and sound. It worked... well enough.

    I used movie audio in a few scenes. Plucking the metal thingy out before Danny gets it. The Predator changing its vision before it slaughters the OWLF guys. The Predator tossing its damaged plasma cannon away. And the Predator smashing into the train. And take care. Why did I use movie sounds? In some cases I was using movie scenes to help me line stuff up and design the scenes, and since I couldn't find anything better for the vision check, I just left it in as a sound effect. I also could not replicate the Predators death scream, so I used it as a sound effect as well, but I did the smart disc ripping him apart from scratch and used gooey and splattering sounds.

    When the Jamaicans showed up, the same songs from papa Dee are playing as they did in the movie at the almost same points En Mi Barrio was playing at the cop station and the bar, it took me forever to figure that out. At first I thought in the bar it was just some generic beat, but it was En mI Barrio as well.

    Yes, Keyes survives even though there's no mention of it by him in the end scene. Originally Dillon lead the team and like in Predator it turned out he knew when to quit and survived again. But, again, Dillon was out so Keyes survived although you're not told directly that he did.

    The gun and ricochet sound effects were from Fallout games.

    Due to many problems, this took about a year to start and finish.

    There came a point I literally could not listen to it anymore due to my hearing problems. All the roars, and guns and all of it was giving me horrible headaches. In some scenes you can definitely hear when I couldn't take it anymore and the audio levels are a tad off because I couldn't listen to it anymore.

    The post credits scene is actually taken from another predator project that never got off the ground. A drop pod crashing was used in that project with the same music from predators over it. Yes, that is Harrigan in the post credits scene. He was to be joined by our Dutch from Predator for a cool scene that sets up our next project, but he never sent his lines in.

    I think that's about it.
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