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[Exclusive] Introducing The FX Alien Series Writers Room & Episode Titles

While filming of Noah Hawley’s Alien series has been pushed back to 2023 due to the series being considered a “massive undertaking” and Hawley’s other series, Fargo, needing to take precedence “given its Midwest setting” we do know that writing has been continuing with at least five episodes having been written as of February. Now we know some of the names behind those scripts.

A recent announcement that Writers Guild Association Award nominated writer Bobak Esfarjani has signed a contract to develop new content for FX, also included mention that Esfarjani will be writing and serving as contributing producer for Noah Hawley’s Alien series!

Esfarjani credits include his award nominated work on Marvel’s WandaVision, as well as work on NBC’s Manifest. And Alien vs. Predator Galaxy is also able to reveal that we are aware that Esfarjani has written the Alien series’ fourth episode, the working title of which is currently Observation.

 [Exclusive] Introducing The FX Alien Series Writers Room & Episode Titles

In addition to Esfarjani, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy is also able to exclusively confirm that Robert De Laurentiis is also writing on the Alien series, having written the series’ third episode which is currently titled Metamorphosis.

De Laurentiis has a larger resume, including Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The O.C, The Umbrella Academy and more relevantly, Fargo, where he worked alongside Noah Hawley.  Thanks to The Flick Pec for the heads-up regarding the Esfarjani announcement!

In addition to the the episode titles above, AvP Galaxy can also exclusively reveal the working titles for the first two episodes written by Noah Hawley too. Episode #1 is Neverland and episode #2 is Mr. October.

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