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Filming for Noah Hawley’s Alien TV Series is Now Slated to Begin in 2023

Our hope that production would begin this year for Noah Hawley’s Alien TV series will unfortunately not be realized Alien fans. ScreenRant has recently uncovered that we’ll have to wait until 2023 before cameras begin to roll.

 Filming for Noah Hawley's Alien TV Series is Now Slated to Begin in 2023

It was only three weeks ago when we reported that filming on Noah Hawley’s Alien Series was pushed back until September 2022. Well now that new target date will reportedly be missed as well, a delay “due to the project’s massive scale.”

ScreenRant has reported that during a Television Critics Association panel, FX chairman John Landgraf indicated that the Alien TV series is still in pre-production, and won’t begin filming until 2023 (per the Twitter Account of Eric Goldman, managing editor for @getFANDOM):

Regarding the Alien TV Series:

“It’s a massive undertaking and won’t begin physical production until next year.” -John Landgraf

When “next year” filming will finally begin is unclear, but it may be likely now that the anticipated Alien TV series might not premiere until 2024.

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  1. Ingwar
    QuoteI know you're a very busy man, but any chance of getting you back in the director's chair for season 3?

    Always that possibility, because I just love to work, you know? And I'm now a month in on this [Napoleon]. I'm already a month in. I've got three months to go. I discovered a long time ago that once I've filmed something, I've got it, and I've said, "Okay, that's a wrap." I'm seeing it every day is what I've done in an editing room. Every weekend I'm watching a cut happening. So frequently, and by the way, you can only do this with a really good editor, I leave them to get on with it because then I'm seeing a cut on the weekend. And because I'm clean, I haven't been sitting in the room agonizing over a shot here or there, we think we will have a director's cut honestly five or six weeks after production, not a year. So I then realized I twiddle my thumbs, and that's why I've now decided to move on, and I can do things while things are happening. So I'm already thinking, prepping another TV show.

    Alien or Blade Runner?
  2. Nightmare Asylum
    Given Disney's reliance on the "Volume" technology in their Star Wars shows, which I believe is also spreading into the Marvel side of things (pretty sure it was used in the upcoming fourth Thor film), I kind of have to wonder if they might utilize that technology on this series as well.

    It's a pretty impressive piece of technology, in the way it allows digital set extensions to be explored/framed "in camera" right there in the moment, though in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett it also often seems to contribute to a pretty flat image a lot of the time, what with the very specific/regimented ways the subjects in front of the screen often have to be lit against it.
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