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Cleopatra, Fireteam Bots, and Isabelle Tapes Come to Predator: Hunting Grounds for August Update!

The August update for Predator: Hunting Grounds is here! The new content was announced this morning in a PlayStation blog post, detailing a long-suspected Predator DLC character with included new early access weapon skin, fireteam bots, and Isabelle lore tapes.

 Cleopatra, Fireteam Bots, and Isabelle Tapes Come to Predator: Hunting Grounds for August Update!

Featured as the new Paid DLC Predator class is ‘Cleopatra,’ a female Predator hinted at in multiple lore tapes in the past.

While encounters with Predator females have been rare, Predators of Cleopatra’s prowess are rarer still. As the only Predator to defeat Dutch in combat, she’s also the only Predator known to spare an armed opponent. Was it mercy or a threat? Perhaps it was just professional courtesy from one hunter to another. Do you have what it takes to step into this powerful Yautja’s shoes or will you be worthy of going toe-to-toe with her in the jungle? Cleopatra brings with her a special skin for the smart disc. By purchasing this DLC you will get early access to this new weapon skin variant.

Cleopatra comes with a weapon skin for the Disc. This one is the ‘Ancient Disc.’

 Cleopatra, Fireteam Bots, and Isabelle Tapes Come to Predator: Hunting Grounds for August Update!

The NRV-E (Sniper Rifle) that came as early access with the Isabelle DLC is also now available for all players to unlock at Level 100.

Included in this update are Isabelle lore tapes, featuring the voice talent of Alice Braga! They are unlocked by leveling up just like with the Dutch tapes. We were disappointed about the lack of these in the last DLC in which she was featured, so it’s great to finally see them arrive for us to hear what she’s been up to since the events of 2010’s Predators.

Another significant part of the update is the addition of Fireteam bots, which you’ll be able to take over should you be killed. We’re quite curious on how this will affect the dynamics of the game.

This month’s Free Update brings the NRV-E (Unlock at Level 100) to all players. In addition, we are expanding the lore of the universe again with additional tapes. Have you wondered what Isabelle has been up to, where she has been, or how she got back to earth? There are now four level unlocked tapes featuring Isabelle telling her story (Unlocks at 1, 10, 20, 40). The community has been asking and we have been hard at work on it, we are so excited to bring friendly Fireteam Bots to the jungle. These Fireteam Bot members will fight alongside you in the jungle. They’ll also play a support role throwing ammo and health packs when you’re low; They’ll revive you if you’re downed; and if you are killed you can take over an Bot with your loadout. Now you never have to enter the jungle alone!

Here are the full update notes per Illfonic’s post in their forum:

Paid DLC

  • New playable Predator – Cleopatra
  • Early Access to the new Predator weapon Skin – Ancient Disc

Free Update

  • Fireteam bots are now available in Hunt!
    • Support role throwing ammo and health packs.
    • Revive downed players
    • Players have the ability to take over Fireteam bots if killed.
  • New Collectibles – Isabelle Tapes (Unlock at level 1, 10, 20, 40)
  • NRV-E (Sniper Rifle) is now available at Level 100
  • Added Armor Skins for level 100 / 150 for the Elder Predator, Jungle Hunter 87 and Alpha Predator
  • Added PS and Epic exclusive tints for Valkyrie


  • Fixed an exploit spot on Headquarters map.
  • Fixed several collision issues in the Headquarter map.
  • Updated audio for the Headquarters map.
  • Fixed cosmetics not displaying correctly when being granted from a field locker.
  • Guerrilla Mercenaries will now use Flashbang grenades.
  • Several cosmetics issues have been fixed.


  • Fixed a stamina issue for Host on private Clash matches.
  • Fixed floating spawns and added additional respawn points in Headquarters clash map.
  • Fixed missing audio for the Airstrip map.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members continue to go through the muddy up animation even after cancelling the interaction
    • Fixed an issue where Isabelle head would not appear incorrectly in big head mode.
    • Fixed an issue with Comms specialization not behaving as intended.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue with the Requiem and Paroxysm armor styles for the Hunter Predator that caused the armor styles to be level locked instead of purchasable.

It seems as though we’ll be having even more to look forward to, possibly beyond the current roadmap ending in October, as the blog ends with…

We have heard the requests for more Yautja and modes, and while we can’t share any details yet – be sure to keep an eye on our social media handles and forums! We have more in store in the months ahead and we cannot wait to share more information with you.

 Cleopatra, Fireteam Bots, and Isabelle Tapes Come to Predator: Hunting Grounds for August Update!

The current roadmap, with the next major update coming in October.

We’re already wondering who the next Predator we’ll be seeing in October will be, and it’s great to see the acknowledgement of players’ desire for new modes. For now, we’ll see you in the Hunting Grounds!

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