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Behind The Scenes Of Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Soundtrack With Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory, the BAFTA winning composer behind Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s soundtrack, has recently been sharing some behind-the-scenes videos looking at how he composed the game’s fantastic score!

In January 2021 I documented the process for several weeks of writing a single 2-minute cue for ALIENS FIRETEAM ELITE, start to finish. From my earliest sketches to the final mix, and all the iteration and experimentation in between!

In addition to the documentary above, Austin also shared a video of Into the Hive, the game’s menu/theme music, playing along with the sheet music and some notations which you can see below.

ALIENS FIRETEAM ELITE gave me a chance to play around in any of my favorite-ever franchises, and the team at Cold Iron was very eager to let me simultaneously do my own thing, and tip my hat to the masters who came before (namely Goldsmith, Horner and Goldenthal). Here is the main theme!

You can check out more of Austin’s videos on his YouTube channel, or head on over to his website to find out more about Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s composer.

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  1. 426Buddy
    I'm suprised at the hate this soundtrack has received, I think Sil even compared it to elevator music.

    I love it but sometimes I feel like it doesn't get you very pumped for a fight.
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