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Hasbro To Release Nerf M41A Pulse Rifle!

This one is filed under news posts I never thought I’d make, but am very glad I get to! In celebration of Aliens 35th anniversary Hasbro are producing a limited edition Nerf replica of the iconic Armat M41A Pulse Rifle! And yes, it has a working grenade launcher!

Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic ALIENS film with the NERF LMTD ALIENS M41-A Pulse Blaster, capturing authentic details inspired by the equipment of the film’s Colonial Marine Corps.

  • Captures the look of the iconic M41-A Pulse Blaster, with Power Loader inspired design and dual-blasting action
  • Features an electronic dart counter and movie-accurate blasting sounds
  • Measures over two feet long (28 inches) and comes fully assembled in premium packaging, perfect for display
  • Select from fully-motorized fly-wheel Elite or pump-action Mega dart blasting

Requires 4x 1.5v C alkaline batteries (not included). Eyewear recommended (not included).

Includes: blaster, 10 Elite darts, 3 Mega darts, and instructions

 Hasbro To Release Nerf M41A Pulse Rifle!

The Nerf Pulse Rifle is currently available for pre-order at £99.99/$94.99 with a estimated release date of October 1st 2022. Thanks to Ro Go via the Weyland-Yutani Bulletin for the news!

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