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Peter Briggs Talks Flintlock Predator 3 Pitch!

We recently had the pleasure of chatting to Peter Briggs, the screenwriter behind the first attempt to take the Alien vs. Predator to the Big Screen, for our podcast. We talked a lot about the development of the script and his experiences working in the industry. It’s a great interview, with a lot of insights into the directions that could have been taken.

We learned that Peter had also pitched a third Predator film to Joel Silver, and we had to ask him about it! Like so many fans, Peter had wanted to dive into the backstory of Raphael Adolini’s flintlock pistol. Peter did his best to remember the pitch from 20 years ago and told us some of what he would have had in store.

Although I know a version of it was done in one of the Dark Horse comics, it was not the version I wanted to do, which was a story of where the Predator 2 flintlock came from. And so I basically had a situation where it was the Spanish Main and there were buccaneers and Royal Navy ships. And this Predator had been involved watching a conflict from up in the yard arm of a pitched battle at sea, and watching these two guys go at each other. 

The Predator basically turned up in London, and started killing off this captain’s crew to goad him into having a fight with the other guy. And the other guy turns up – the two of them are in France together – and they realise they’re being manipulated. So it’s these two guys who are being manipulated. It’s totally a period film. I hadn’t really thought a great deal of it out, and it was very wild and wooly but that’s basically the story.  

Check back in with Alien vs. Predator Galaxy on July 30th to listen to the entire podcast! If you’re unfamiliar with the Dark Horse comic that Peter mentioned, be sure to check out our O.W.L.F file entry on it!

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