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New Aliens: Fireteam GameSpot Interview Shows Off Engineer Ruins!

After a bit of silence following the month-long coverage from IGN back in March, we have a new look Aliens: Fireteam gameplay featured in a GameSpot interview with the game’s developers.

Coming on the heels of the E3 gaming expo (which has gone virtual this year), GameSpot continued their ‘Play For All’ livestream where Cold Iron Studios CEO Craig Zinkievich and Creative Director Matt Highison sat down with GameSpot’s Jordan Ramée to discuss a number of topics on the game including differences in difficulty levels, the story & setting, the responsibility in taking on a new game entry in the franchise, and more.

The interview also features some brand new gameplay. Shown is a new planetary campaign level that we had a glimpse at around Alien Day, which definitely evokes the stone temple Engineer aesthetics of the Alien prequel films. It was also pretty great to see the rare visual of a marine dropship providing air support from above.

Check out GameStop’s full interview with included new gameplay below:

Of note, the game will feature a ping system, emotes, and customizable UI elements.

GameSpot has one more Play For All livestream scheduled, so we’ll be keeping keeping our eyes peeled to see if Aliens: Fireteam has another appearance later today.

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