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StudioADI is Attached to ‘Skulls’ Predator Film Production!

Practical Effects workshop StudioADI or Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. is attached to work on the new Predator film currently known as ‘Skulls.’ We’ve been thinking this was increasingly likely for a while, when previously StudioADI co-founder Alec Gillis put out a hiring call a few months back. A few weeks ago Gillis also shared an image of an assembled film crew.

 StudioADI is Attached to 'Skulls' Predator Film Production!
Now a new Instagram post by ADI FX artist Sara Villarreal has confirmed for us, StudioADI will indeed be providing the creature FX team. Featured in her post we can see a ‘Predator V Creature FX Crew’ t-shirt featuring a Predator targeting reticule overlaid onto a Native American teepee. The image was taken in the StudioADI showroom.

 StudioADI is Attached to 'Skulls' Predator Film Production!
Villarreal Included: “The best crew. @thestudioadi Get ready! Amazing shirts designed by @h2originals. Layout and art by @jordan_k_morris.”

StudioADI co-founders Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff Jr. were kind enough to join us for an ‘Alien Day’ interview recently, so be sure to check out our podcast with them if you haven’t already!

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