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New Predator Film “Skulls” to be Distributed Through Hulu, According to Thomas Bros. Legal Counsel

While there was no impactful progress made today in the legal battle for the U.S. Copyright of Predator, there was an interesting tidbit divulged in court this morning in regards to the distribution of the upcoming 20th Century Studios film currently in production titled “Skulls”.

Fans have been wondering since learning of the Patrick Aison penned film if the fifth installment of the Predator franchise would be released traditionally in theaters like the four films before it, or possibly released through a streaming platform.

Well according to the Thomas Brothers lawyer Marc Toberoff, while arguing his case should stay in the Northern district, he revealed today that the Dan Trachtenberg directed movie “is going to be distributed by Hulu”.

 New Predator Film "Skulls" to be Distributed Through Hulu, According to Thomas Bros. Legal Counsel

Launched in 2007, Hulu is a subscription based streaming platform based in the United States in the vein of Netflix, that offers on-demand television series and film programming. Owned primarily by the Walt Disney Company, Hulu can be obtained through various basic to premium packages, one of the more robust combined with Disney+ and ESPN+.

How “Skulls” would be distributed internationally was not divulged, but it appears (at least in the U.S.) that with the new Alien television series currently in development for the same streaming platform, if Marc Toberoff stands correct and it’s not distributed theatrically through 20th Century Studios as well, Hulu will become the primo destination for new Predator and Alien content.

Please note: Alien vs. Predator Galaxy has not been able to independently confirm that a theatrical release is out of the question or a potential hybrid release between the two formats won’t occur.

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