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Primal Hunt Is Back! Aliens vs. Predator 2 Primal Hunt Master Server Patch 1.0 Is Here!

The team over at AvP Unknown has resurrected the multiplayer for Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt, the Third Law Interactive developed expansion pack for Monolith Production’s original Aliens vs. Predator 2! AvP Unknown are also the caretakers of the Master Server Patch for the original, which restored multiplayer functionality back in 2008. And now they’re giving Primal Hunt it’s turn!

In addition to resurrecting the multiplayer, the Master Server Patch also comes with some patching that now finally allows for the game to be played in widescreen! Full patch details are below.

  • restored the online server browser
  • removed cd key check
  • fixed broken fonts on newer versions of Windows
  • unlocked all resolutions in the Graphics menu
  • added borderless window mode (+borderless 1)
  • the game will always keep the renderer active to prevent unexpected crashes
  • added raw mouse input (enabled by default, use +rawmouse 0 to disable)
  • added widescreen support, automatically calculated by the game
  • fixed a bug that causes black screens on Intel gpus (fix by thecanonmaster)
  • improved rendering performance of some 2D surfaces
  • improved text rendering performance
  • chat messages are now scaled on high resolutions
  • added a console (see readme_console.txt)
  • added various command-line options (see readme_commandline.txt)
  • fixed the internal client and server timers
  • fixed animation slowdowns at high frame rates
  • fixed the player character not moving at high frame rates
  • singleplayer: fixed slow movement of some objects at high frame rates
  • singleplayer: fixed a common crash on the loading screen
  • improved the multiplayer net code
  • restored the Welding Torch (replaces “Look Up” in the controls menu, default Y)
  • restored the Hacking Device (replaces “Look Down” in the controls menu, default H)
  • improved hit detection
  • the game window is now centered in windowed mode
  • fixed the flickering cursor when using dgVoodoo
  • fixed the menu buttons not working in some cases when using dgVoodoo
  • prevented dgVoodoo from manipulating the window style (see readme_commandline for more info)

 Primal Hunt Is Back! Aliens vs. Predator 2 Primal Hunt Master Server Patch 1.0 Is Here!

If you don’t have your old copy of Primal Hunt (or the original game), AvP Unknown also host an all-in-one download and installation that includes both game and all official patches. And be sure to also download the new Master Server Patch!

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