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Alien: The Tides of Night – Fan Audio Drama

The gentlemen over at the Perfect Organism Podcast are celebrating Alien Day with the release of their brand new fan audio drama! The team previously published a two part audio drama, Proximity: Last Stand at Hadley’s Hope, that told the fall of Hadley’s Hope.

“For David Crook, an independent war journalist, the battlefield was simply a blank page ready to be penned with the actions that would direct history. But Shanghai was no ordinary war zone. Since the orbital Gatekeeper station fell from the sky weeks ago, something dark and ravenous emerged from the depths of the disaster. He planned on being the eyes of the world, to this siege on the home front. But none of it would matter if he couldn’t survive the night, when the demons poured forth from the ruins of the city to harvest and claim us all.”

In addition to YouTube, The Tides of Night is also available to listen to on all the usual podcast outlets that you can find Perfect Organism on.

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