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Aliens: Fireteam Class Walkthroughs – Gunner and Technician!

As we get further into March, IGN continues their coverage of Cold Iron Studio’s upcoming Aliens: Fireteam as part of their First coverage. Following on from the revealing of 6 of the game’s upcoming Alien types, Cold Iron’s Chris Matz – Fireteam’s Lead Systems and Combat Designer – walks IGN through two of the Colonial Marines classes available in the game: the Gunner and Technician!

The Gunner is more of the all-around Colonial  Marines with some focus around firepower with one of his own perks increasing the rate of fire for the rest of the Fireteam, while the Technicianis focused around area control utilizing sentry turrets and charge coils.

We get a good look at the loadout screen and how the classes can be customised. There’s also plenty of new gameplay footage, including what we’re suspecting maybe Engineer ruins and some action inside an Alien hive!

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