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Titan Books ‘Aliens vs. Predator: Ultimate Prey’ Anthology Coming December 2021!

The AVP franchise is getting some more love in the form of its first anthology novel: Aliens vs. Predator: Ultimate Prey. The upcoming book was announced today by Writer/Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who put together the Predator anthology book ‘If It Bleeds’, which we loved.

It’s rather appropriate that he’ll be partnering with Jonathan Maberry for this release, as he was the editor and wrote a story for the Aliens anthology ‘Bug Hunt’. Maberry also contributed to Predator: If It Bleeds. The editing duo will be putting together 15 stories that see the Aliens and Predator clash again.

As well as editing, Bryan Thomas Schmidt will be writing one of the stories, and Jonathan Maberry will be collaborating with Louis Ozawa Changchien for a story of theirs set after Predators. Louis Ozawa’s name jumped out at us as he was the actor who played ‘Hanzo’ in Predators.

 Titan Books 'Aliens vs. Predator: Ultimate Prey' Anthology Coming December 2021!
Here’s the full announcement courtesy of Bryan Thomas Schmidt:

I am pleased to announce my return to the world of my beloved Yautja movie universe. My seventeenth anthology as editor, and 4th for Titan will be my latest collaboration with Jonathan Maberry:

ALIENS VS PREDATOR: ULTIMATE PREY, Edited by Jonathan Maberry & Bryan Thomas Schmidt is a collection of all original stories that bring these two powerful franchises into collision. These stories will be more than bug hunts or monsters fighting one another. We’re amassing a slate of diverse writers who will elevate the themes to feature tales of racism, intolerance, culture clashes, and the horrors of war. Stories will run the gamut from intense psychological drama to nail-biting paranoid horror to humor to poignant tales of people and cultures caught in the grip of war.

Authors: David Barnett – Roshni “Rush” Bhatia – Maurice Broaddus – Curtis Chen – Delilah Dawson – Jess Landry – Jonathan Maberry & Louis Ozawa Changchien – Susanne Lambdin – Seanan McGuire – E.C. Myers – Yvonne Navarro – Chris Ryall – Bryan Thomas Schmidt – Steven Sears – Scott Sigler

15 new stories set in the movie universe, coming in December 2021 from Titan Books. It’s the one anthology fans have most been requesting and Jonathan and I have wanted to do it for 3 years, ever since he did Aliens: Bug Hunt and I did Predator: If It Bleeds, both for Titan, which were great successes.

These are studio approved tie-ins. We’ll reveal more details when the time comes but this exciting project has been fast tracked for quick release and we look forward to brining it to fans.

As stated in the announcement, a slew of writers will be involved here, including some returning franchise contributors such as:

  • Bryan Thomas Schmidt who edited Predator: If It Bleeds and co-wrote its ‘Drug War’ story
  • Jonathan Maberry who edited Aliens: Bug Hunt, wrote its ‘Deep Black’ story, and wrote ‘Gameworld’ for Predator: If It Bleeds
  • Seanan McGuire who wrote Alien: Echo
  • Yvonne Navarro who wrote Aliens: Music of the Spears and contributed to Aliens: Bug Hunt
  • Scott Sigler who recently wrote Aliens: Phalanx and the ‘Dangerous Prey’ story for Aliens: Bug Hunt

Bryan Thomas Schmidt has revealed to us that that Scott Sigler’s story here will be a sequel to Aliens: Phalanx!  We can’t wait to dive into this slate of stories late this year. Thanks to Bryan Thomas Schmidt for the news!

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