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Dan Trachtenberg’s Talks Predator 5 Development & Announcement Disappointment

Last Friday saw the announcement that director Dan Trachtenberg was developing a fifth Predator film. And given what Alien vs. Predator Galaxy knows of the plot (exclusive details here), we’re pretty excited about the upcoming film! It turns out Dan Trachtenberg wasn’t as excited about the reveal as the Predator fandom, though. It sounds like a much more elaborate marketing campaign was planned for the film.

Given what we noticed about Trachtenberg’s previously announced Skulls, it’s sounds likely that there was a campaign planned around revealing that Skulls was actually Predator 5. How do you feel about those types of advertising campaigns? Is that something you feel we have missed out on with Predator 5?

Also of note was the revelation that Trachtenberg has been working on this project since 2016, around the same time that Shane Black and Fred Dekker were working on The Predator.

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