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In Town With A Few Days To Kill, Predator 2 30th Anniversary Retrospective – AvP Galaxy Podcast #118

We have just uploaded the 118th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Corporal Hicks, RidgeTop, Voodoo Magic and Xenomorphine reconvene for this retrospective episode on Predator 2 to discuss the film as it reaches the huge milestone 30th anniversary!

 In Town With A Few Days To Kill, Predator 2 30th Anniversary Retrospective - AvP Galaxy Podcast #118

We discuss the first time we ever saw Predator 2 and if our opinions have changed over the years, whether or not the film’s comedic nature works for it, how much Hicks hate the tan and mustard costuming, we try to tackle the dates around the Alien skull, and plenty more!

We discuss a couple of Predator 2 related that we’ve published on Alien vs. Predator Galaxy. You can find our article on the Lost Predator ship here, our look at how Predator: Concrete Jungle inspired Predator 2 here, and what happened to Anna’s cameo here.

At one point we also bring up the Predator-like film that Kevin Peter Hall did prior to Predator, but never circle back around to it for confirmation. It was indeed Without Warning.

What did you think of our latest episode? Be sure to let us know down below! You can also listen to any of our previous episodes in the Podcast section under the News tab on the main menu. The Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast is also available via iTunesPodBean, GooglePlay Stitcher, and Spotify! Please be sure to leave a rating and review on whichever platform you’re using!

And if you’d rather see our beautiful faces, the video version of the podcast is also available on YouTube!

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