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Betrayal, Panic and Dice Rolls, Reviewing Alien: The Roleplaying Game – AvP Galaxy Podcast #115

We have just uploaded the 115th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! Corporal Hicks, RidgeTop and Xenomorphine are joined by community guests Shevvie and j0nesy to review Free League’s Alien: The Roleplaying Game!

 Betrayal, Panic and Dice Rolls, Reviewing Alien: The Roleplaying Game - AvP Galaxy Podcast #115

We discuss our own experiences with RPGs before we took the dive into Alien, how we feel the mechanics suit the Alien franchise, our own favourite encounters in the game, and plenty more!

What did you think of our latest episode? Be sure to let us know down below! You can also listen to any of our previous episodes in the Podcast section under the News tab on the main menu. The Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast is also available via iTunesPodBean, GooglePlay Stitcher, and Spotify! Please be sure to leave a review on whichever platform you’re using!

And if you’d rather see our beautiful faces, the video version of the podcast is also available on YouTube!

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  1. Xiggz456
    Great episode guys! Always like it when Shevvie joins in, dude’s got good vibes lol. Thanks for all the info regarding where you could meet people online to play, may have to give it go! Only thing none of you touched on that I’ve been wanting to know about is what do you all think in regards to the story beats of Chariot of the Gods? I know there’s variations every time you play but like Shevvie said you’re basically on a track that pretty much leads to a certain point. So ya what do you guys think?!
    Great episode guys! It was good to hear more about the mechanics of the game and what you all thought about it. I got the game last year but have yet to play it....need a group to play but also need to learn more about RPGs as I’m a complete newbie to the world of RPGs. If anyone out there is interested in helping me learn that be great 👍
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